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Determination of Antibiotic Residues in Milk by Microbial Inhibitory Tests

REFERENCES 1. Commission Regulation (EU) No. 37/2010 of 22 December 2009 , on pharmacologically active substances and their classification regarding maximum residue limits in foodstuffs of animal origin. Official Journal of the European Union , L15, 2010, 1—72. 2. Gaudin, V., Maris, P., Fuselier, R., Ribouchon, J. L., Cadieu, N., Rault, A., 2004: Validation of microbiological method: the STAR protocol, a five-plate test, for the screening of antibiotic residues in milk. Food Addit. Contam. , 21, 422—433. 3. http

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Broad Spectrum Detection of Antibiotic Residues in Poultry Meat by a Multi-Plate Assay

References 1. Centre for Science and Environment, 2014: Antibiotics in Chicken Meat: study . New Delhi: Pollution Monitoring Laboratory, 36 p. PML/PR-48/2014. 2. Cháfer-Pericás, C., Maquieira, Á., Puchades, R., 2010: Fast screening methods to detect antibiotic residues in food samples. Trends in Analytical chemistry , 29, 9, 1038—1049. DOI:10.1016/j.trac.2010.06.004. 3. European Commission, 2002: Commission Decision 2002/657/EC of 12 August 2002 implementing Council Directive 96/23/EC concerning the performance of analytical methods and the

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Antibiotics Use in Adult Population, as Perceived by Family Doctors in Romania

References 1. van de Sande-Bruinsma N, Grundmann H, Verloo D, Tiemersma E, Monen J, Goossens H, et al. Antimicrobial drug use and resistance in Europe. Emerg Infect Dis. 2008;14(11):1722-30. 2. Conly J. Controlling antibiotic resistance by quelling the epidemic of overuse and misuse of antibiotics. Can Fam Physician. 1998;44:1769-73, 80-4. 3. Kwak YG, Moon C, Kim ES, Kim BN. Frequent Prescription of Antibiotics and High Burden of Antibiotic Resistance among Deceased Patients in General Medical Wards of Acute Care Hospitals in Korea. PLoS One

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Slovak natural zeolites as a suitable medium for antibiotics elimination from wastewater

References Braschi I et al. (2016) Physicochemical regeneration of high silica zeolite Y used to clean-up water polluted with sulfonamide antibiotics, Journal of Environmental Sciences. Elsevier, 43, pp. 302—312. doi: 10.1016/J.JES.2015.07.017. Frankovská J et al. (2010) Atlas sanačných metód environmentálnych záťaží. Štátny geologický ústav Dionýza Štúra, Bratislava. Göbel A et al. (2005) Extraction and determination of sulfonamides, macrolides, and trimethoprim in sewage sludge, Journal of Chromatography A. Elsevier, 1085(2), pp. 179—189. doi

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Antibiotics in WWTP discharge into the Chaobai River, Beijing

References Al-Rifai, J.H., Khabbaz, H. & Schäfer, A.I. (2011). Removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds in a water recycling process using reverse osmosis systems, Separation and Purification Technology, 77, 1, pp.60-67. Behera, S.K., Kim, H.W., Oh, J.E. & Park, H.S. (2011). Occurrence and removal of antibiotics, hormones and several other pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants of the largest industrial city of Korea, Science of the Total Environment, 409, 20, pp. 4351-4360. Braschi

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Evaluation of Antibiotic Consumption at Rakovica Community Health Center from 2011 to 2015

References 1. World Health Organization. Policy Perspectives on Medicines - Promoting rational use of medicines: core components. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2002. (WHO/EDM 2002.3) 2. Stefanovic S.(2010.) Analysis of the impact of pharmacological profiles of patients on the effects of treatment. Doctoral dissertation.Faculty of Medical sciences,University of Kragujevac,Serbia. 3. Costelloae C. Metcalfe\C. Lovering A, et al. Effect of antibiotic prescribing in primary care on antimicrobial resistence in

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Self-Medication with Antibiotics among Nursing Students in Serbia: Pilot Study

REFERENCES 1. World Health Organization. Lexicon of alcohol and drug terms published by the World Health Organization. (cited: March 10th, 2019). Available at: . 2. World Health Organization. Fact sheet on antimicrobial resistance. (cited: March 10th, 2019). Available at: . ; 3. World Health Organization. Fact sheet on antibiotic resistance. (cited: March 10th, 2019). Available at:

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Prescribing pattern of higher generation antibiotics in the out-patient setting in Bhutan hospitals

:339-41. 8. Okeke IN, Lamikanra A, Edelman R. Socioeconomic and behavioral factors leading to acquired bacterial resistance to antibiotics in developing countries. Emerg Infect Dis. 1999; 5:18-27. 9. Patel SJ, Larson EL, Kubin CJ, Saiman L. A review of antimicrobial control strategies in hospitalized and ambulatory pediatric populations. Pediatr Infect Disease J. 2007; 26: 531-7. 10. Capoor MR, Nair D, Deb M, Aggarwal P. Enteric fever perspective in India: emergence of high-level ciprofloxacin resistance and rising MIC to cephalosporins. J

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Activity of β-lactam antibiotics against certain microorganisms which cause mastitis in cows

. Ceftiofur use in food animals. Curr Top Med Chem 2002, 2, 717–720. 8. Kłosowska A., Malinowski E., Kuźma K.: Relationship between somatic cell counts in cow quarter foremilk samples and etiological agents of mastitis. Med Weter 2005, 61, 53–57. 9. Krukowski H.: Intramammary infections caused by environmental pathogens in cows. Med Weter 2006, 62, 189–192. 10. Kurek C., Niemczuk K.: Patterns of phages of staphylococci isolated from udders of cows and their antibiotic resistance. Med Weter 1987, 43, 270–273. 11. Lassa H., Kubiak J., Małkińska

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Incidence of pathogens infections in a Romanian Intensive Care Unit and sensitivity to antibiotics. A prospective single center study

;69:124-129. 7. Dereli N, Ozayar E, Degerli S, Sahin S, Koç F. Three-Year Evaluation of Nosocomial Infection Rates of the ICU. Rev Bras Anestesiol. 2013;63:73-84. 8. Harwan WA, Abbassi MM, El-Attar MM, Farid SF. Pharmacoeconomic study of antibiotics used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections in ICU patients: A case study in an Egyptian hospital. Bull Fac Pharmacy. 2014;52:135-144. 9. Scherbaum M, Kösters K, Mürbeth RE, et al. Incidence, pathogens and resistance patterns of nosocomial infections at a rural hospital in Gabon. BMC

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