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Correction of inaccuracies to article of Stanisław Brożek, „Does Polish soil classification, V edition, refer to all soils in our country“ published in the Soil Science Annual, vol. 63 no. 3/2012: 49–56

References Bodenkundliche Kartieranleitung, 1994. AG - Boden, Bodenkun- dlichc Kartieranleitung, 4, Faul., 3923, 33 Abb., Hannover. Genetyczna klasyfikacja gleb Polski, 1959. Praca zbiorowa. Rocz- niki Gleboznawcze - Soil Science Annual, t. 7, z. 1. IUSS Working Group WRB, 2(M)7. World Reference Base for Soil Resources 2(X)6, first update 2(X)7. World Soil Resour- ces Reports No. 103. FAO, Rome. Klasyfikacji gleb leśnych, 1973, wyd. 11. Praca zbiorowa. PTG, Komisja V Genezy, Klasyfikacji i

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Global annual average temperature – a precise modelling

(published online) of the 58th World Statistics Congress organised by the International Statistical Institute, Hague, held at Dublin, Ireland. Pal S., Pal S., Kageyama S. (2013): Modeling the Global Mean Temperature. Bull. Hiroshima Inst. Tech. Research 47: 149-152. Pal S., Ghosh A., Kageyama S. (2014): Revisit to Modelling Global Annual Average Temperature - A Parametric Approach. Bull. Hiroshima Inst. Tech. Research 48 (to appear). Woodward W.A., Gray H.L. (1993): Global warming and the problem of testing for trend in time

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Human Resources Annual Interview as a Part of Authentic Leadership

). Knowing communities in project driven organizations: Analysing the strategic impact of socially constructed HRM practices. International Journal of Project Management , 26, 44-50, Brečevič, D. (2000). Letni razgovor [Annual interview]. Zbornik referatov, XV. Posvetovanje Društva za vrednotenje dela, Bled 11. - 12. May 2000. Cardy, R. L. et al. (2000). Dynamic and customer-oriented workplaces: Implications for HRM practice and research. Journal of Quality Management , 5, 159-186, http

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