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Authenticity and Analytic Style


The question that has prompted this article could be formulated as follows: what are the vicissitudes of the analyst’s subjectivity in the bi-personal models and, more specifically, in the Bion field model? Using a clinical vignette, the author shows his own “toy box” mainly the way he uses reverie and the interplay between plot and characters in the session.

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Who are the officials in the central administration of the Czech Republic and what activities do they perform?

Variable in Policy Studies: An Empirical Investigation Using Canadian Data. Review of Policy Research. 28(3), 247-263. Nekola, M. & Kohoutek,), J. (2016). Policy work at the sub-national level: Analytical styles of Canadian and Czech directors and managers. Canadian Public Administration/Administration Publique du Canada. 59(2), 289-309. Nemec, J. (2010). New Public Management and Its Implementation in CEE: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go? Nispa Journal of Public Adminisration and Policy, 3(1), 31-52. Novotný, V. (2012

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Shortfall of Strategic Governance and Strategic Management in the Czech Republic

, Administration, and Institutions, 23(1), 161–183. Montenegro Meyer, L. & Bulgakov S. (2014). Reflection on Actor-Network Theory, Governance Networks, and Strategic Outcomes. Brazilian Administration Review., V. 11 (1), art 6, 107-124. Retrieved from . Mulgan, G. (2004). Strategy in Government. The United Kingdom Experience. In Potůček, M.(ed.). The Capacity to Govern in Central and Eastern Europe, pp. 33-62. Bratislava, NISPAcee. Nekola, M. & Kohoutek,, J. (2016). Policy work at the sub-national level: Analytical styles of

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Covering Regional Blind Spots
Commentary journalism in the regional public sphere

a certain viewpoint. This contrasts with news journalism, which aims for balance and a kind of objectivity. However, we distinguish between columns characterised by an argumentative or rhetorical style with an explicit argument (arguing for a specific viewpoint) and columns with a more open, reflective and analytical style. A weakness of the study is in its limitation related to a single case study. Another weakness is that we only examine Nordlys’ opinion-based journalism and not the audience’s participation on this opinion site. Analyses of public

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The moderating influence of self-efficacy on interoceptive ability and counterintuitive decision making in officer cadets

typically related to increased use of “intuitive” decision-making. Klein’s (1997 ) recognition-primed decision (RPD) model describes the concept of intuitive decision-making and explains how people make decisions without having to go through an extensive cognitive process. The RPD describes decision making as a top–down process (pattern matching; intuition) and a bottom–up process (mental simulation; rational process). It is the integration of intuitive and analytical styles and can explain decision-making styles (DMSs) accurately ( Klein 1997 , 2008 ; Klapproth 2008

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