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Human Resources in Romanian Child Protection Social Services. A Regional Analysis


Efficiency and cost effectiveness of human resources implied in social services in general and in child protections services specifically is a taboo subject in Romanian social policy. On the following pages, I will make a general analysis of human resources included in the Romanian social services sector, starting from the topic of territorial coverage with professionalized social workers. After a regional- and county-level analysis of this, linked to the social and economic situation of the regions, I look at the specific field of child protection to see if there exists any cost effectiveness in the volume of human resources implied in these services. In the final part of my study, I will make considerations about the quality of the personnel within child protection services.

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Discrete-time Holling type II models with Allee and refuge effects

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On a multipoint nonlocal initial value problem for a singularly-perturbed first-order ODE

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Eigenvalues asymptotics for Stark operators

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Local and global asymptotic behavior of malaria-filariasis coinfections in compliant and noncompliant susceptible pregnant women to antenatal medical program in the tropics

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On approximation of two-dimensional potential and singular operators

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A note on h-convex functions

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A tribute to the memory of Pavel Evseevich Sobolevskii (1930-2018)

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Modeling Tuberculosis Among Healthcare Workers

Bibliography 1. C. Castillo-Chavez, B. Song, Dynamic models of tuberculosis and their applications, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering , 1(2), 361-404. 2004. 2. R. Diel, R. Loddenkemper, S. Niemann and P.R. Meywald-Walter Narayanan, Restriction fragment length polymorphism typing of clinical isolates of my mycobacterium tuberculosis from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Madras, South India. Tuber Lung Dis , 76(6), 550-554. 1995. 3. D.M.Dago, M.O. Ibrahim and A.S. Tosin, Stability analysis of a deterministic mathematical model for

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