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Introduction High-altitude balloons (HABs) have long been used for experimental access to both the lower and upper atmosphere, including the troposphere and stratosphere. There are various methods for accessing the stratosphere, including meteorological rockets ( Imshenetsky et al., 1976 ), fixed-wing aircraft ( Smith et al., 2009 ), mountaintop observatories ( Smith et al., 2011 ), and high-altitude weather balloons ( Bryan et al., 2014 ); however, HABs are unmatched in their affordability, versatility, and high payload-to-vehicle-mass ratio. In addition

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We introduce the altitudes of a triangle (the cevians perpendicular to the opposite sides). Using the generalized Ceva’s Theorem, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the orthocenter of a triangle [7]. Finally, we formalize in Mizar [1] some formulas [2] to calculate distance using triangulation.


The bicoloured white-toothed shrew (Crocidura leucodon) was found near the railway station at Horní Blatná, Krušné hory Mts., 870 m a. s. l., on 10 September 2017. It is the highest altitude record of C. leucodon in the Czech Republic, where this species is considered to be a typical inhabitant of lower and warmer regions.

Introduction The hypobaric hypoxic conditions induced by increasing the altitude have profound effects on athletic performance ( Kenney et al., 2012 ; Levine et al., 2008 ). Physical factors due to the reduction in the barometric pressure (hypobaric) and/or physiological factors arising from the reduced partial pressure of oxygen in the inspired air (hypoxia) may be responsible for the changes in physical performance ( Levine et al., 2008) . As the altitude increases, aerobic performance and maximal oxygen uptake are impaired due to the hypoxic environment

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