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Rethinking modern theories of ageing and their classification: the proximate mechanisms and the ultimate explanations

. Jin K. 2010. Modern biological theories of aging. Aging Dis 1(2):72–4. Kenyon C. 2001. A conserved regulatory system for aging. Cell 105(2):165–8. Kenyon C. 2005. The plasticity of aging: insights from long-lived mutants. Cell 120(4):449–60. Kenyon CJ. 2010. The genetics of ageing. Nature 464:504–12. Kenyon C. 2011. The first long-lived mutants: discovery of the insulin/IGF-1 pathway for ageing. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 366(1561):9–16. Kirkwood TBL. 1977. Evolution of ageing. Nature 270:301–4. Kirkwood T. 1999. Time of

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Population ageing patterns in Małopolskie voivodship by poviats until 2030

References Bloom, D.E., Canning, D. and Sevilla J., 2003: The Demographic Dividend: A New Perspective on the Economic Consequences of Population Change. In: Population Matters, Rand Program of Policy-Relevant Research Communication. Börsch-Supan, A., 2002: Labor Market Effects of Population Aging. In: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations , Vol. 17, pp. 5‒54. Cutler, D., Potreba, J., Sheiner, L. and Summers, L., 1990: An Ageing Society: Opportunity or Challenge. In: Brookings Papers on

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Oxidative Damage to Proteins and Lipids During Ageing

References Judge S, Leeuwenburgh C. Cardiac mitochondrial bioenergetics, oxidative stress, and aging. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2007; 292(6): C1983-92 Harman D. Aging: a theory based on free radicals and radiation chemistry. J Gerontol. 1956; 2: 298-300 Dufour E, Larsson NG. Understanding aging: revealing order out of chaos. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2004; 1658(1-2): 122-32 Osiewacz HD. Role of mitochondria in ageing and age-related disease. Exp Gerontol. 2010

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Adjusting to population ageing: evidence for policy action

Platform. https:// Accessed 8 September 2015. Chatterji, S., Byles, J., Cutler, D., Seeman, T., & Verdes, E. (2015). Health, functioning, and disability in older adults: Present status and future implications, The Lancet, 385(9967): 563-575. Center for Strategic and International Studies and Watson Wyatt Worldwide (2000). Global aging: The challenges of the new millennium. Accessed 8 September 2015

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21. Effect of Vacuum Ageing on Instrumental and Sensory Textural Properties of Meat from Uhruska Lambs

References Abdullah A.Y., Qudsieh R.I. (2009). Effect of slaughter weight and aging time on the quality of meat from Awassi ram lambs. Meat Sci., 82: 309-316. Baruk A.I., Iwanicka A., Gruszecki T.M. (2014). The chosen attitudes and behaviours of Polish final buyers related to niche food (in Polish). Rocz. Nauk. Stow. Ekonom. Roln. Agr., XVI: 22-27. Belew J.B., Brooks J.C., Mckenna D.R., Savell J.W. (2003).Warner-Bratzler shear evaluations of 40 bovine muscles. Meat Sci., 64: 507-512. Boleman S

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Ageing in the Middle East and North Africa: A Contemporary Perspective

Unresolved , Washington: The Washington Institute. Cook, I. G. & Powell, J. L. (2007). Ageing urban society: discourse and policy. In: F. Wu, (Ed.), China’s Emerging Cities: The Making of New Urbanism , pp. 126-42. London: Routledge. Cook, I. G. and Halsall, J. P. (2012). Aging in Comparative Perspective: Processes and Policies . New York: Springer. 94p. Cook, I. G., Halsall, J. P. and Wankhade, P. (2015). Sociability, Social Capital, and Community Development: An International Health Perspective . New York: Springer. 140p. Dagan, D. (2010

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Learning in Later Life: The Perspective of Successful Ageing

References Boulton-Lewis, G.M. (2010). Education and Learning for the Elderly: Why, How, What. Educational Gerontology, 36(3), 213-228. Boulton-Lewis, G. M., Buys, L., & Lovie-Kitchin, J. (2006). Learning and active aging. Educational Gerontology, 32(4), 271-282. Bowling, A., & Dieppe, P. (2005). What is successful ageing and who should define it. British Medical Journal, 331, 1548-1551. Butyvilienė, J. (2013). Neformalusis suaugusiųjų švietimas: valstybinis ir privatus mokymo sektoriai. Acta

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Longissimus lumborum quality of Limousin suckler beef in relation to age and postmortem vacuum ageing

? Meat Sci., 80: 12-19. Florek M., Litwińczuk Z., Skałecki P., K ędzierska - Matysek M., Grodzicki T. (2012). Chemical composition and inherent properties of offal from calves maintained under two production systems. Meat Sci., 90: 402-409. Florek M., Stanek P., Litwińczuk Z., Ż ó łkiewski P. (2013). Effect of concentrate supplement on slaughter value and meat quality of Limousin suckler beef reared on pasture until the age of 8 months. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1112-1119. Folch J., Less M., Sloane G.H. (1957). Asimple

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Successful Images of Successful Ageing?
Representations of Vigorous Elderly People in a Swedish Educational Television Programme

References Andersson, L. ( 2002) ‘Ålderism’, in Andersson, L. (ed.) Socialgerontologi. Lund: Studentlitteratur. Berglund, S. & Ljuslinder, K. (1999) Humor som samhällsmoral. Svenskar och invandrare på den svenska TV-humorns arena . Lund: Studentlitteratur. Cuddy, A.J.C. & Fiske, S.T. (2002) ‘Doddering but Dear. Process, Content, and Function in Stereotyping of Older Persons’, in Nelson T.D. Ageism. Stereotyping and Prejudice against Older Persons . Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. Dahlgren

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Immigrants and Immigration Policy in Ageing Finland

. 2006: Towards a Longer Worklife! Ageing and the Quality of Worklife in the European Union, Helsinki: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Ministry of Social Affairs, p. 17. Johansson, E. 2008: Does Finland Suffer from Brain Drain?, Helsinki: The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, accessed on: KELA, 2010: Statistical Yearbook of the Social Insurance Institution 2009, Helsinki: The Social Insurance Institution, accessed on: http

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