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How Data Envelopment Analysis Reveals Brand Advertising Efficiency

References Büschken, Joachim (2007): Determinants of Brand Advertising Efficiency - Evidence from the German Car Market, Journal of Advertising, vol. 36 (fall), 51-73. Coelli, Timothy J., Prassada Rao, D.S and Battese, George E. (1998), An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishing. Luo, Xueming, and Donthu, Naveen (2001), “Benchmarking Advertising Efficiency,” Journal of Advertising Research, 41, 7-18. Seiford, Lawrence M. (1994), “A DEA Bibliography

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Selection of Advertising Appeals in Slovak Television Advertising

References Dahl, S. (2002). Cultural values in Beer Advertising in the UK, the Netherlands and Gemany . [online]. [Cited 2013-06-30] Avaliable from Internet: <>. Dahl, S. (2004). Cross-Cultural Advertising Research: What Do We Know About the Influence of Culture on Advertising? [online]. [Cited 2013-05-08] Middlesex University Discussion Paper No. 28. 2004. Avaliable from Internet: De Mooij, M. (2004). Consumer Behavior and Culture

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Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness

References Albers-Miller, N. D., and Stafford, M. R., 1999. An international analysis of emotional and rational appeals in services vs goods advertising. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 16 (1), 42-57. doi: 10.1108/07363769910250769 Armstrong, J. S., 2010. Persuasive Advertising. Evidence-based Principles : Palgrave Macmillan. Belch, G. E., and Belch, M. A., 2004. Advertising and Promotion. An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective (6th ed. ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. Berman, M., and Blakeman, R., 2009. The Brains Behind Great

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Consumer Acceptance of Outdoor Advertising: A Study of Three Cities

. (1986). The Role of Attitude toward the Ad as a Mediator of Advertising Effectiveness: A Test of Competing Explanations, Journal of Marketing Research, 23(2), 130-143. Moore, D. J., Harris, W. (1996). Affect Intensity and the Consumer’s Attitude toward High Impact Emotional Advertizing Appeals, Journal of Advertizing, 25(2), 37-50. Plummer, R. (2006). Brazil's ad men face billboard ban, available at:, accessed on: 25.03.2017. Popescu, I. (2016). How many foreigners live in

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Relationship between Spokesperson’s Gender and Advertising Color Temperature in a Framework of Advertising Effectiveness

References Babolhavaeji, M., Vakilian, M. A., and Slambolchi, A., 2015. Color Preferences Based On Gender As a New Approach In Marketing. Advanced Social Humanities and Management, 2 (1), 35-44. Banyte, J., Stonkiene, E., and Piligrimiene, Z., 2011. Selecting Celebrities in Advertising: The Case of Lithuanian Sports Celebrity in Non Sport Product Advertisement. Economics and Management, 16 , 1215-1224. Bendixen, M. T., 1993. Advertising Effects and Effectiveness. European Journal of Marketing, 27 (10), 19-32. doi:

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Keeps Working and Working and Working … The Long-Term Impact of Advertising

References Hanssens, Dominique. M.; Dekimpe, Marnik. G. (2012): “Short-term and Long-term Effects of Marketing Strategy,” in Handbook of Marketing Strategy, edited by V. Shankar and G. S. Carpenter, Edward-Elgar Publishing. Hu, Ye; Lodish, Leonard M.; Krieger, Abba M. (2007): “An Analysis of Real World TV Advertising Tests: A 15-Year Update,” Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 47 (3), pp. 341 - 53.

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Advertising for Europe
TV Ads During the 2009 European Election Campaign in Four Countries

. Johansson, J. Leidenberger, P. J. Maarek & S. Merkle Advertising for Europe Dalton, Russell J. (2002) Citizen Politics: Public Opinion and Political Parties in Advanced Democracies (3rd ed.) . New York: Chatham House. Dittmer, Lowell (1977) ‘Political Culture and Political Symbolism: Toward a Theoretical Synthesis’, World Politics, 29 : 552-583. Dillenburger, Marion, Christina Holtz-Bacha & Eva-Maria Lessinger (2005) ‘It’s Yourope! Die Plakatkampagnen der Parteien im Europawahlkampf 2004’ [It’s Yourope! The poster

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The Long-Term ROI of TV Advertising in a Digital World

References Jones, John Philip (1998): How Advertising Works, Sage Publications 1998 Wildner, Raimund; Kindelmann, Klaus (1997): “TV Advertising Effectiveness: How to Measure and Judge TV Ads’ Effectiveness with Single Source Data,” from the seminar The Revolution in Panel Research, ESOMAR, Munich and Amsterdam 1997

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From the advertising campaign to the election campaign - online evolution

științifică, Ed. Publica, București, 2015 Seguela, Jacques, Un fiu al publicității , Editura Publica, București, 2008. Toader, Florentina, Grigorași, Cătălina, Frunză, Sofia, Politica user friendly (Despre consultanți politici și Facebook în România și Republica Moldova) , București, Editura Tritonic Academic Books, 2011 Webografie: Lisa Clark, “Social Media Advertising: New Research for Marketers” , accesat 05.05.2019 Michael Cohn, ”The Impact of Social Media on

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The Visual Message. Directions of Evolution in Image Advertising

References [1] [2] George David, Tehnici de relaţii publice. Comunicarea cu mass-media, Collegium, Polirom, Iaşi, 2008, p.163 [3] Schneider, 1993, apud George David, p.167-168 [4] Ioan Drăgan, Comunicarea, Paradigme şi teorii, vol. I Rao international Publishing Company, Bucureşti, 2007p.236 [5] N. Guichard, Publicite televisee et comportement de l’enfant, Economica, 2000, apud Philippe Cabin, J.Francois Dortier

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