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The Interpretation of Null Subjects in a Radical Pro-drop Language: Topic Chains and Discourse-semantic Requirements in Chinese

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Discourse-Pragmatic and Processing-Related Motivators of the ordering of Reason Clauses in an Academic Corpus

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Stance and politeness in spoken Latvian

triangle. In Englebretson, R. (ed.), Stancetaking in discourse. Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction, 139-182. Amsterdam - Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Faller, Martina. 2002. Semantics and Pragmatics of Evidentials in Cuzco Quechua. Stanford: Stanford University. (PhD Dissertation.) Giles, Howard. 1973. Accent mobility: A model and some data. Anthropological Linguistics 15. 87-105. Goffman, Erving. 1967. Interaction Ritual. New York: Pantheon. Hengeveld, Kees. 1998. Adverbial clauses in the languages of

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A Case of V2 in Chinese

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Intercultural variation in academic discourse: Theme zones and the build-up of coherence in research articles

Allison, D., 2003. Research articles in applied linguistics: Moving from results to conclusions. English for Specific Purposes, vol. 22, pp. 365-385. Schmied, J., 2009. Discourse approaches to specialised and popular academic English: Analysing adverbial clause connections. In: O. Dontcheva-Navratilova and R. Povolná, eds. Coherence and cohesion in spoken and written discourse . Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 167-181. Schmied, J., 2011. Academic writing in Europe: A survey of approaches and problems. In: J. Schmied, ed. Academic writing in

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