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Basic Reflections on Worship in the Challenging Encounter between Tradition and Nowadays Situations


Adaptation of liturgy to conditions of a certain community or society is not only a possibility. Following the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy of Vatican Council II, it is the very nature and character of the liturgy, which require adaptation to cultural patterns. It is necessary to keep the balance between tradition and present situations, between unity and diversity, between people in their specific circumstances and the heritage of faith of the church.

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Psychology and Adaptation: the Work of Jerome Bruner

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Adaptation, the Paramount Communication Strategy

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Adaptation to Precarious Prosperity: Is it Resignation?

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Brand Identity, Adaptation, and Media Franchise Culture

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Managing Employees’ Adaptation in Mergers: Theoretical Issues

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The Adaptation Approach for Affective Game-Based Assessment

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From Adaptation to Appropriation: Framing the World Through News Translation

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Adaptation Strategies to Turkish Society of Europeans Married to Turkish Citizens

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Adaptation in Affective Video Games: A Literature Review

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