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Czech pension reform: how to reconcile equivalence with fiscal discipline

Policy Studies. IPF Working Paper No. 2002-01. Poradní expertní sbor. Závěrečná zpráva. (2010) [Expert Advisory Committee. Final Report.] [online]. Available from Rahmatian, S., & Hiatt, C.(1989). Toward an information-based theory of irrational systems behavior. Systems Research 6 (1). Scharpf, F. W. (1997). Games Real Actors Play. Actor-Centred Institutionalism in Policy Research. Boulder: Westview Press. Škorpík, J

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Regional Structural Change and Resilience
From Lignite Mining to Tourism in the Lusatian Lakeland

) synergetically and in a co-ordinated manner over a long period of time, and in a manner that has maximum positive political impact on the region (here: on the development of tourism as an additional economic pillar). The present analytical framework employs Mayntz and Scharpf's "actor-centred institutionalism" (ACI, see: Scharpf 1997 ) as a basis for establishing a common thread between the literature in the various areas. Actor-centred institutionalism regards the (in this case: co-ordinated) political content as being determined by actors who are trying to assert their

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