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Climate Research of the globe is a current task, in particular to confirm the general hypothesis of global warming associated with an increase in average temperature. The sea acoustic climate is derived from the concept of climate and refers to the conditions of propagation of acoustic waves in a particular basin. In this paper, the results of systematic measurements of temperature, salinity and velocity distributions of sound in the area of the southern Baltic will be present. The focus will be on the results of extensive measurements carried out „in situ” in particular.

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The aim of the article is to analyze the selection of measuring points of sustainable sound level in the spa park. A set of points should allow to make on their basis an acoustic climate map for the park at certain times of day by usage available tools. Practical part contains a comparative analysis of developed noise maps, taking into account different variants of the distribution and number of measuring points on the selected area of the park.


According to the applicable regulations, in the case of a decision on the location of an investment consisting in the construction and commissioning of a helicopter landing field, it is necessary to carry out an environmental impact assessment. At the same time, due to the emission of noise related to the expected change of acoustic climate parameters, the indicators required under the applicable law related to building acoustics and also impact of vibration on the structure of buildings should be taken into account. The article discusses particular groups of issues related to the assessment of the impact of helicopter landing field on the environment and the hospital building. On the basis of the presented results of analyzes, a postulate concerning the necessity of introducing a comprehensive assessment methodology, including specific groups of issues, was formulated.

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