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Two New Species of the Genus Sycophila (Hymenoptera, Eurytomadae) from Yemen

Two new species of the genus Sycophila Walker from Yemen are described. Sycophila yemeni Zerova, sp. n. (type locality: Ta'izz, Yemen) is similar to Sycophila kestraneura (Masi) (Africa) but differs in shorter radial vein and longer gasteral petiolus in female. Sycophila setulosa Zerova, sp. n. (type locality: Ta'izz, Yemen) differs from all known Sycophila species in having the long bristles at the base of parastigma (upper side).


Stomanomala subcostata () is recorded from the Socotra Archipelago (Yemen) for the first time, it represents the only known Socotran ruteline chafer. The hitherto known distribution range of this species in Socotra Archipelago is summarized and its habitat preferences are briefly discussed.


A new species of Colotrema (Malachiidae: Malachiinae: Colotini) from Socotra Island is described and illustrated: Colotrema socotrana sp. nov. It is most similar to C. barbertonica from South Africa, but differs from the latter in colouration of the extremities and morphology of maxillary palpi and terminalia. This species represents the first record of Colotrema for Socotra. In addition, C. asirensis and C. testacea wajjensis are recorded from continental Yemen for the first time. A key to the species of Colotrema occurring in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Socotran Archipelago is given.


A female of Forcipomyia eremita SZADZIEWSKI, GWIZDALSKA-KENTZER & GIŁKA, 2011 of the subgenus Pedilohelea DE MEILLON & WIRTH, 1980 is described for the first time.

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