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The productivity of the work of engineers in the design of building structures by applying the rules of technical standards [1] has been increasing by using different software products for recent years. The software products offer engineers new possibilities to design different structures. However, there are problems especially for design of structures with similar static schemes as it is needed to follow the same work-steps. This can be more effective if the steps are done automatically by using a programming language for leading the processes that are done by software. The design process of timber structure which is done in the environment of Scia Engineer software is presented in the article. XML Programming Language is used for automatization of the design and the XML code is modified in the Excel environment by using VBA Programming language [2], [3].

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This paper aims to demonstrate that improving automated systems used to spread regulated information has a positive social effect. The provision of capability to replace manual insertion, and particularly direct import of data in XML-format into the systems of information agencies will save time (“economization of time”) spent for spreading financial statements by 90%. The saved working time can be utilized to fulfill other office tasks within current employees’ obligations, carrying out office assignments not listed as present obligations. Employees could improve their qualification through familiarization with novelties in normative bases or with good practices of other companies, substitute colleagues absent from work (leave or sick leave), and analyze work environment and suggest improvements.

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