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A study on the imaging characteristics of Gold nanoparticles as a contrast agent in X-ray computed tomography

for molecular imaging. Trends Mol Med. 2010;16(12):561-573. [8] Boote E, Fent G, Kattumuri V, et al. Gold nanoparticle contrast in a phantom and juvenile swine: models for molecular imaging of human organs using x-ray computed tomography. Acad Radiol. 2010;17(4):410-417. [9] Kim D, Park S, Lee JH, et al. Antibiofouling polymer-coated gold nanoparticles as a contrast agent for in vivo X-ray computed tomography imaging. J Am Chem Soc. 2007;129(24):7661-7665. [10] Cormode DP, Skajaa T, van Schooneveld MM, et al. Nanocrystal core high

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Technical Note. The Concept of a Computer System for Interpretation of Tight Rocks Using X-Ray Computed Tomography Results

., SWENNEN R., WAVERS M., Quantitative analysis of reservoir rocks by microfocus X-ray computerized tomography, Sedimentary Geology, 2000, 132, 25-36. [30] WATSON A.T., MUDRA J., Characterization of Devonian shales with X-ray computed tomography, SCA Conference Paper, 1991, 9122, 1-12. [31] WELLINGTON S.L., VINEGAR H.J., X-ray computerized tomography, Journal of Petroleum Technology, 1987, 39, 885-898. [32] XIAO-CHUN L., PEPIN G.P., MOSS R.M., WATSON A.T., Determination of gas storage in Devonian shales with X-ray computed

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Proposed Use of Monte Carlo Simulated Images to Evaluate the Accuracy of Measurements on X-Ray Computed Tomography

. (2016). X-ray computed tomography for dimensional measurements. In Digital Imaging 2016: ASNT Topical Conference , Mashantucket, CT, USA. American Society for Nondestructive Testing, 44-57. [5] Villarraga-Gómez, H. (2016). Seeing is believing: Xray computed tomography for quality control. Quality Magazine , 55 (6), 20-23. [6] Villarraga-Gómez, H., Lee, C., Corbett, T., Tarbutton, J.A., Smith, S.T. (2015). Assessing additive manufacturing processes with X-ray CT metrology. In ASPE Spring Topical Meeting , Raleigh, NC, USA. Vol. 60, 116-120. [7

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X-Ray Investigation And Modelling Of Steel Fibres In Self-Compacting Concrete

] IBÁÑEZ L., SCHROEDER W., NG L., CATES J. The ITK Software Guide . Kitware, 2005. available: [18] RUDZKI, M., BUGDOL, M., PONIKIEWSKI, T. Determination of steel fibers orientation in SCC using computed tomography and digital image analysis methods, Cement Wapno Beton, 2013, R.18, 5, pp. 257-263. [19] PONIKIEWSKI, T., GOŁASZEWSKI, J., BUGDOL, M., RUDZKI, M. Determination of steel fibres distribution in self-compacting concrete beams using X-ray computed tomography , Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 2014

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X-Ray Investigation and Strength Measurement of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Beams


The paper presents a study on self-compacting concrete with two types of steel fibres. Under consideration was the effect the method of forming of beam elements has on the distribution of steel fibres. Formed we beams of dimensions 120×15×15 cm3 and 180×15×15 cm3. The self-compacting mixture contained steel fibres of varying lengths (35 and 50 mm) and varying levels of their volume ratio in the mix (0.5% - 1.0% - 1.5%).

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Computed microtomography in the analysis of fiber migration in yarn

References Merle P., et al. X-Ray Computed Tomography on MMS. MMS Assess Thematic Network. Flisch, A., et al. Industrial Computer Tomography in Reverse Engineering Applications. DGZfP-Proceedings BB 67-CD Paper 8, Computerized Tomography for Industrial Applications and Image Processing in Radiology, March 15–17, 1999, Berlin, Germany. Shinohara T, Takayama J., Shinji Ohyama S. KobayashiA.: Extraction of Yarn Positional Information from a Three-dimensional CT Image of Textile Fabric using Yarn Tracing with a Filament Model for Structure

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The use of sodium polytungstate as an X-ray contrast agent to reduce the beam hardening artifact in hydrological laboratory experiments

-378. Nakashima, Y., 2000. The use of X-ray CT to measure diffusion coefficients of heavy ions in water-saturated porous media. Eng. Geol., 56, 11-17. Nakashima, Y., 2003. Diffusivity measurement of heavy ions in Wyoming montmorillonite gels by X-ray computed tomography. J. Contam. Hydrol., 61, 147-156. Nakashima, Y., Kamiya, S., 2007. Mathematica programs for the analysis of three-dimensional pore connectivity and anisotropic tortuosity of porous rocks using X-ray computed tomography image data. J. Nucl. Sci. Technol., 44, 1233

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Capabilities to Assess Health/Maintenance Status of Gas Turbine Blades with Non-Destructive Methods

. Burakowski, T., The proposal of determining quantitative synergism in surface engineering, 3rd International Conference on Surface Engineering, Chengdu, P. R. China, 2002. 8. Chalimoniuk, M., Błachnio, J., Krzysztofk, J., Analysis of the feasibility to investigate condition of gas turbine vanes by means of the radiographic method, Journal of KONBIN, No 1(13), pp. 129-138, 2010. 9. Chalimoniuk, M., Szczepanik, R., Błachnio, J., The rate of decohesion of a gas turbine blade as assessed with the X-ray computed tomography (CT), Journal of KONES, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 89

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3D Segmentation of Funnel Flow Boundary During Silo Emptying

-Material Handling Challenges and Solutions, Power Engineering, 117/3 [7] Langston, P.A., Tuzun, U., Heyes, D.M. (1995). Discrete element simulation of internal stress and flow fields in funnel flow hoppers, Powder Technology, 85, 153-169 [8] Mac Developer Library, (2014). Performing Convolution Operations, library/mac/documenta\discretionary{-}{}{}tion [9] Martine, W., Greet, K., Pyka, G., Els, H., Annelies, V.E., Roel, H., Els, V., An, M., Elie, V., Bram, P. (2012). X-ray Computed Tomography for Non

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turbine blade as assessed with the X-ray computed tomography (CT), Journal of KONES, Vol. 20, No. 3, 89-96. 10. Electronic Instrument CT-X-ray (2011), The research report, Computer Tomography for Industrial Applications, YXLON. International. 11. EVEREST XLG3-Video Probe (2006), GE Inspection Technologies. 12. Holland S. D. (2011), Thermographic signal reconstruction for vibrothermography, Infrared Physics & Technology, 54, 503-511. 13. Karczewski, Z. (2008), Endoscopic diagnostics of marine engines

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