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Ecotourism, understood as a form of leisure conforming with the principles of environmental protection and promoting its natural and cultural values, is dynamically developing in almost all parts of the world. Properly carried out, ecotourism projects may be an essential instrument of regional development. Problems of ecotourism development in four areas of West Africa, i.e. the Comoé National Park (Ivory Coast), the Dogon Country (Mali), the northern Dallol Boss Region and Kouré (Niger), and the Äir and Ténéré Natural Reserves (Niger) are discussed in the article.

A common characteristic of the chosen areas are their significant natural and cultural values and the occurrence of tourist activeness allowing to qualify them as ecotouristic sites. The analysis of both external and internal success factors in ecotourism leads to the conclusion that, in the discussed regions, ecotourism development is a positive phenomenon. It should, however, be accompanied by continuous supervision of environmental conditions and ecological education of the local population.

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Three nematode species of Cithariniella (Pharyngodonidae), C. citharini, C. khalili, and C. gonzalesi, were recorded from the recta of squeaker (Mochokidae: Siluriformes) and citharinid (Citharinidae: Characiformes) fishes from Senegal, West Africa. Morphological characteristics obtained by scanning electron microscopy (form of oral aperture and cephalic papillae, presence of lateral alae, distribution and form of cloacal papillae, simple or paired papillae on tail of males, eggs with numerous long filaments on each pole in females) correspond well to the generic diagnosis and represent species differences. The shape and size of the cephalic papillae and lips were identified as a new determination feature. C. gonzalesi is reported for the first time from Senegal and its host, Paradistichodus dimidiatus, represents a new host record. A tentative simple key for differentiating C. citharini, C. khalili, C. gonzalesi and C. petterae is provided based upon these results.

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