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Simplifications of the volumetric error model because of the structural loop of machine tools

Handbook, Springer ISBN 978-3-319-25109-7, 2016 [8] Szwengier G .: Modelowanie i obliczenia projektowe układów prowadnicowych obrabiarek. Prace naukowe Politechniki Szczecińskiej nr 512, Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Politechniki Szczecińskiej, Szczecin 1994 [9] Vragov J.D .: Analiz komponovokmetallorežuščichstankov, Osnovykomponetiki, Mašinostroenie, Moskva 1978 [10] Zhong, X., Liu, H., Mao, X., Li, B., He, S. : Influence and error transfer in assembly process of geometric errors of a translational axis on volumetric error in machine tools, Measurement

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Reproducibility of machine tools’ circularity test according to ISO 230-4 with respect to testing position

ballbar dynamic tests for five-axis CNC machine tools, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture 49 (2009) 488-499. [11] Pahk H. J., Kim S. Y., Moon J.H.A new technique for Volumetric Error assessment of CNC machine tools incorporating Ball Bar measurement and 3D Volumetric Error model, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 37 (1997), 1583-1596. [12] Altintas Y., Brecher C., Weck M., Witt S.Virtual Machine Tool, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 54 (2005) 2, 115-138. [13] Altintas Y., Cao

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Effects of Heavy Metals and Arsenate on the Ovine Rumen Fermentation in Vitro

References Anonymous (2014): Information Bulletin of the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic no. 1. Conway E.J. (1957): Microdiffusion Analysis and Volumetric Error. Crosby Lockwood and Son, London. Faixová Z., Faix S. (2002): Influence of metal ions on ruminal enzyme activities. Acta Veterinaria Brno 71: 451-455. Forsberg C.W. (1977a): Some effects of arsenic on the rumen microflora; an in vitro study. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 24: 36-44. Forsberg C

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Modelling And Numerical Analysis Of Assembly System

REFERENCES 1. Ahn K., Cho D . (2013), Proposition for a Volumetric Error Model Considering Backlash in Machine Tools, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology , Vol. 15, Issue 8, 554-561. 2. Bil T. (2010), Kinematic analysis of a universal spatial mechanism containing a higher pair based on tori. Mechanism and Machine Theory. Vol.46, Issue 4, 412–424. 3. Bil T. (2012), Analysis of the Bennett linkage in the geometry of tori. Mech. & Mach. Theory , Elsevier, Vol.53, 122-127. 4. Budniak Z. (2013), Modeling of

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