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the existing minting years of the particular types ever listed. Franz II/I (1792–1835); Hungary; 20-kreuzer; mint; Vienna [A]; Kremnica [SK]. František II./I. (1792–1835); Uhry; dvacetikrejcar; mincovna; Vídeň [A]; Kremnice [SK]. V roce 1830 začala vídeňská mincovna razit podle nového technologického po- stupu tolary, půltolary a dvacetikrejcary konvenční měny uherského vzoru. Mezi tyto ražby také patřily dva typy uherských dvacetikrejcarů (č. 1–3), které v ná- sledujícím roce začala razit kremnická mincovna ve třetím typu (č. 6). V rámci předloženého textu by


Seven historical bat specimens of four species (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, R. mehelyi, Taphozous nudiventris, Myotis myotis), attributed to originate from the territory of the present-day Lebanon, are deposited and documented in the modern database of the mammal collection of the Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien). Two of these species (R. mehelyi, T. nudiventris) have never been reported for Lebanon in the existing literature and recent surveys have also failed to find them in this country. Since these bats were collected in the period 1824–1885, the history of the all respective specimens was evaluated in detail. The revision brought rather unexpected results. Only one specimen (R. ferrumequinum) was found to come (most probably) from Lebanon, being collected by W. Hemprich and Ch. Ehrenberg in 1824. In the remaining six specimens, the origin could not be defined, thus rendering the statement that they were collected in Lebanon insecure. This case demonstrates that careful checks of modern interpretations of historical records are necessary when examining past distributions of organisms.


2017), then 200 €. There might be a reduced fee upon request: 80 € (until 15th February 2017). Students should register, but are not required to pay the conference fee. Further details of this conference and its programme can be found at: Lectures 4.30 – 5.15 pm – (parallel sessions) V 2 Helene Miklas (Vienna, A): Individuum und Milieu – eine Wechsel- wirkung aus soziologischer Perspektive V 3 Katharina Sternek (Vienna, A): Vom Nutzen erkenntnistheoretischer Modelle für PsychotherapeutInnen und LehrerInnen V 4 Edwin

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Gestalt Theory
An International Multidisciplinary Journal

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