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communist successor parties. Social Sciences Quarterly, 82 (4), 844-861 • Kanzleiter, B., & Tomic, D. (2012). The left in the post-Yugoslav area. In B. Daiber, C. Hildebrandt, & A. Striethorst, From revolution to coalition - radical left parties in Europe (pp. 309-325). Berlin: Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation. • Kajsiu, B. (2008). Vdekje Politikës, Liri Popullit!-Kriza e Përfaqësimit në Përgjithësi. Polis, 5-25. • Kessler-Vardari, A. (2012). Politics of Protest in Supervised Statehood: Co-Shared Governance and Erosion of Citizenship. The Casestudy of the Vetëvendosje! Movement

September 2018, Barcelona (Spain). - Mr. Albin Kurti, Secretary General and MP of Vetëvendosje in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. Interview with the author. 24 September 2018, Prishtina (Kosovo). - Mr. Memli Krasniqi, PDK MP in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. Interview with the author. 24 September 2018, Pristina (Kosovo). - Mr. Enver Hoxhaj, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo and PDK MP in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. Interview with the author. 26 September 2018, Prishtina (Kosovo). - Mr. Javi Lopez, PSOE MEP. Interview with the

Principle of Legality in International and Comparative Criminal Law. UK: Cambridge University Press. - Gruda, Z. (2007). Mbrojtja Ndërkombëtare e të Drejtave të Njeriut . Prishtinë: Universiteti Fama. - Gruda, Z. (2013). E Drejta Ndërkombëtare Publike . Prishtinë: CIP. - Hoti, A. & Kosír, I., ed. (2015). European perspectives of the Western Balkans Countries I . Prishtina: AAB College. - Hoti, A. & Musliu, A. (2015). Parimi i Vetëvendosjes dhe Evoluimi i tij në të Drejtën Ndërkombëtare. Prishtinë: Kolegji Iliria. - Mingst, A., K. (2008). Bazat e Marrëdhënieve

, through a series of consequent steps, such as the Congress of Lushnje, the War of Vlora and the murder of the “prime minister” of the Government of Durres, E.P Toptani,the only person among Albanians engaged by pro ANTANTA in the battles in lower Macedonia, along with French and Greek armies” (Alfred Cako, “100 vjet nga Konferenca e Ambasadorëve (29.07.2013). 9 For the process of the colonization of Kosovo by Serbia, see: Blerim Reka E drejta e vetëvendosjes- dimensioni juridiko- ndërkombëtar i problemit të Kosovës, (Shkup, 1996); Blerim Reka, The Geopolitics

narrative of progress is not matched by changes on the ground. Additionally veto points are regularly exploited to prevent decision-making and block state reform to implement EU requirements; for example by the discouragement of inter-ethnic co-operation. Such action leads to apathy and disillusionment with democracy. Troncota is critical of Albin Kurti and the Vetëvendosje self-determination movement/party. She claims that after the declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo ‘passed from one crisis to the other’, such that the Transparency Corruption Perception