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). Word order in Greek tragic dialogue . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dik, S. C. (1978). Functional Grammar . Amsterdam: North-Holland. Doron, E. (2000). VSO and left-conjunct agreement: Biblical Hebrew vs. Modern Hebrew. In A. Carnie and E. Guilfoyle (Eds.), The syntax of verb-initial languages (pp. 75-95). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dressler, W. U. (1969). Eine textsyntaktische Regel der idg. Wortstellung. Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforshung auf dem Gebiet der Indogermanischen Sprachen, 83 , 1-25. Franks, S. and Progovac, L. (1994). On the


The article explores the natural context and the geographical conditions for developing tourism and for designing sectorial plans. The objective is to offer basic visual rendering as a resource for appreciating the natural environs in which the tourist activity evolves and use such resource as useful input during the planning and designing exercises. The methodology relies on the application of cartographic and spatial tools as instruments for recognising the territory and the natural landscape. The results render the current condition of natural resources and the territorial reality, as a general frame for proposing sustainable strategies of tourism planning. The contribution of the analysis can be appreciated amid the scarcity of local and specific cartographic analysis, and the precarious stock of inputs that could guide the tourism and the territorial planning in lagged territories. An overwhelming conclusion of our exercise is that the awarness and valuations of natural endowments are key elements for preserving the environment and for applying an adequate planning strategy in order to reconcile the economic necessities and the preservation of natural environment.


This paper aims to analyze the regional cooperation which ensures stability and good relations to neighbours and other V4 countries and helps to enforce collaborations across Europe in many fields such as education, tourism and economic development. Another field of activity of the Visegrad Group is a joint positioning in international tourism which will be addressed in this article on the background of the current coronavirus crisis. The empirical part consists of a SWOT analysis for Visegrad group challenges and a PASTA Analysis with which the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the tourism industry in the V4 countries are researched. Lastly, recommendations for possible further actions in times of the coronavirus will be given, and potential future collaborations with the WB6 and EaP countries, also with regard to tourism, will be dealt with briefly. This article summarizes aspects related to tourism market, transport, cultural offer, economy, industry, and environment. The particular focus is also paid to political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia and how the current coronavirus and the resulting measures against the spread of it affects the tourism industry in the Visegrad Group countries.


The municipality of Bahía Solano possesses important tourist attractions. The majority of them consist of natural wonders such as whale, dolphin and bird watching. Its marine area offers diving courses, all types of fishing, surfing, other water sports etc. The enormous amount of natural wealth stands in contrast to the lack of local development and the high rate of poverty among its inhabitants. Bahía Solano has enviable tourist professions but a low level of competition. This research proposes a methodology of social innovation, elaborated by researchers, that involves nature, communities and tour operators, where a connection of surveys with the expectations and perceptions of the different entities (inhabitants, tourists, and tour operators) has been obtained.


Design of a state observer is an important issue in control systems and signal processing. It is well known that it is difficult to obtain the desired properties of state feedback control if some or all of the system states cannot be directly measured. Moreover, the existence of a lumped perturbation and/or a time delay usually reduces the system performance or even produces an instability in the closed-loop system. Therefore, in this paper, a new Variable Structure Observer (VSO) is proposed for a class of uncertain systems subjected to a time varying delay and a lumped perturbation. Based on the strictly positive real concept, the stability of the equivalent error system is verified. Based on the generalized matrix inverse approach, the global reaching condition of the sliding mode of the error system is guaranteed. Also, the proposed variable structure observer will be shown to possess the invariance property in relation to the lumped perturbation, as the traditional variable structure controller does. Furthermore, two illustrative examples with a series of computer simulation studies are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed design method.

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