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This paper will present the role of the loops and the peculiarities of the mixed reality experience in the case of the performance of Illegitimate (stage adaptation by Adrian Sitaru, based on an original text by Adrian Sitaru and Alina Grigore). The author argues that the loops, defined by Manovich as “a new narrative form appropriate for the computer age” are also the key for the possible reality switches and joinings.

entertainment but also in industry. The best example of that is the VR add-on for RobotStudio. Growing computing power, especially for graphics, allows the programmer or technologist to be in the virtual world, where we have reconstructed not only robots but also transport system machines. It all depends on the available computing power and the detail and availability of real object models. This approach can already be used to train operators at the modeling stage. Every digital representation has defects resulting from simplifications. This mainly concerns the modeling of


In the recent years we have observed the development of devices and visualizations for monitoring the activity of a user (movement and position) in a virtual environment. Along with the growing utilization of personal computers for visualization and rapid development of computer image generation in real time, universities, following the latest trends used in science, are looking for solutions to reach students through the senses of: sight, hearing and touch. We should take into consideration the diversity of students’ styles and strategies of learning, that’s why the use of virtual reality (VR) in education is a response to the characteristics of the current age. Student as a creative maker and not just a passive recipient deliberately looks for new techniques of acquiring information and thanks to them he or she can build many precious skills, among others, independence in planning or carrying out a task, or cooperating in a team. In this context it is necessary to inform students about research, which is an integral part and foundation for understanding the processes taking place in course of team work e.g.: in aviation. The goal of the article is an attempt to assess the influence of virtual reality technology on education in the 21st century.

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zudem ständigen staatlichen Zwangs- und Überwachungsmaßnahmen ausgesetzt. Vgl. etwa Küchler, Johannes: Stadt. In: Franke, Wolfgang; Staiger, Brunhild (Hrsg.): China Handbuch. — Düsseldorf 1974, Sp. 1309-1316; ders.: Küchler, Johannes: Stadterneuerung in der VR China. In: Stadtentwicklungsprozeß — Stadtentwicklungschancen: Planung in Berlin, Bologna und in der VR China. — Göttingen 1976. = Geographische Hochschulmanuskripte, H. 3, S. 137–218 Im Gegensatz zu Europa konnte sich im feudalen China kein bürgerliches Stadtrecht herausbilden und damit auch keine bürgerlich