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Landschaften. In: Gailing L., Leibenath M. (eds), Neue Energielandschaften - Neue Perspektiven der Landschaftsforschung. Springer VS, Wiesbaden: 101-120. Kühne O., 2013b. Landschaftstheorie und Landschaftspraxis: Eine Einführung aus sozialkonstruktivistischer Perspektive. Springer VS, Wiesbaden. Kühne O., 2015. The streets of Los Angeles: About the integration of infrastructure and power. Landscape Research 40(2): 139-153. Kühne O., 2016. Transformation, Hybridisierung, Streben nach Eindeutigkeit und Urbanizing former Suburbs (URFSURBS): Entwicklungen postmoderner

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Introduction The ongoing process of urbanisation and its multidimensional and interlinked economic, social and political effects have attracted considerable attention by a steadily growing body of multidisciplinary literature ( Wheaton & Shishido 1981 ; Krugman 1991 ; Henderson 2003 ; Portes & Roberts 2005 ; Castells-Quintana & Royuela 2014 ; Cohen 2014 ). Both rural push and/or urban pull factors have been used to explain the urbanisation process ( Jedwab, Christiaensen & Gindelsky 2017 ). A central theme of the literature on its effects, is the nexus

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1 Introduction During the 19 th and 20 th centuries, the growth and the concentration of population in developed countries were powered by industrialisation ( Bairoch/Goertz 1986 ) The rapidly expanding industries in many large towns and cities drew people from the countryside, transforming landscapes and societies. Since 1950, urbanisation has slowed down and urban expansion has occurred in a scattered way around the periphery of cities. This fragmented pattern of growth in the urbanisation process is commonly termed “urban sprawl” in the English

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A study is made of the significance of small towns in the process of urbanisation of Wielkopolska, a region situated in the western part of Poland. The analysis is conducted in both, a dynamic and a static approach, and covers two aspects of urbanisation: demographic and spatial. The basic period examined embraces the years 2000-2015. What is visible in the set of Wielkopolska towns is the depopulation of its core city, Poznań, accompanied by an increase in the population of small units located in its suburban zone. There is an upward tendency in the population number also in selected size classes of small Wielkopolska towns, which demonstrates that in this case we cannot speak of a crisis of small towns since they play an important role in the process of urbanisation of the region. In the recent years, increasingly important in this process, especially at the local level, has been the appearance of new towns set up as a result of the restitution of municipal rights.

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