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International Security Presence in Kosovo and its Human Rights Implications

://,GBR_HL,4672880a2.html (Accessed 1 September 2017). Amnesty International, 2000. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo): setting the standard? UNMIK and KFOR’s response to the violence in Mitrovica. [pdf]. Available at: (Accessed 23 August 2017). Amnesty International, 2004a. Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina: the apparent lack of accountability of international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. 21 March [online]. Available at:

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Determinants of Kosovo Trade: A Gravity Model Approach

. Prishtine. Sonora, R.J. 2008. On the Impacts of Economic Freedom on International Trade Flows: Asymmetries and Freedom Components. EFZG Working Paper No.08-05. Summary, R.M. 1989. A Political-Economic Model of U.S. Bilateral Trade. The Review of Economics and Statistics 71(1): 179-182. Tinbergen, J. 1962. Shaping the World Economy: Suggestions for an International Economic Policy. The Twentieth Century Fund, New York. UNMIK. 1999. UNMIK Regulation 1999/3. UNMIK Press Release, Prishtine

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An Awkward Situation: Kosovo, the EU and EU Member States

References Aust A, Modern Treaty Law and Practice (CUP 2007). Chen T-Ch, The International Law of Recognition With Special Reference to Practice in Great Britain and the United States (New York 1951). Crawford J, ‘The Criteria for Statehood in International Law’ (1976-1977) 48 BYIL. Crawford J, The Creation of States in International Law (OUP 2006). Fitzmaurice M, ‘The Identification and Character of Treaties and Treaty Obligations Between States in International Law ’ (2001) 73 BYIL. Friedrich J, ‘UNMIK in Kosovo

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State-Building and Democracy: Prosperity, Representation and Security in Kosovo

Forward , Pristine: ESPIG, UNMIK Pillar, 2004. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. “KOSOVO 2010 PROGRESS REPORT accompanying the COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2010-2011 .” Nov. 2010. 5 Feb. 2012. Freedom House. “Freedom in the World: Kosovo.” Dec. 2001. 8 Feb. 2012. http:// Freedom House. “Freedom in the World: Kosovo.” Dec. 2010. 8 Feb. 2012

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Privatization in an Adverse Institutional Context: The Case of Kosovo

:// (last accessed 15 January 2016). UNMIK. 2002. Regulation No. 2002 / 12 on the establishment of the Kosovo Trust Agency. Available at (last accessed 4 April 2015). World Bank. 2001a. Kosovo, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – Kosovo Economic Assistance Project . Washington, DC: World Bank. Available at (last accessed 8 September 2015). World Bank. 2001b. Kosovo

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