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75 CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN REVIEW Volume 11, 2017 TIRANA’S CHANGING FACE by Antonia Young University of Bradford and Colgate University Abstract An atmospheric and illustrated reflection on several decades of visits to Albania’s capital city and the transformation it has experienced. Key Words: Tirana, Albania ISSN 1752–7503 10.1515/caeer-2018-0004 © 2017 CEER First publication Central and Eastern European Review 76 TIRANA’S CHANGING FACE by Antonia Young University of Bradford and Colgate


This paper attempts to shed light on the concepts of cognitive and affective image and investigate the effects of destination image on tourist loyalty, though one of the aforementioned aspects of destination image. Data was collected using the convenience sampling method. After a review of the most crucial places where foreign visitors could turn into during their stay in Tirana, there were identified a few attractive interception points. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was used to test the hypotheses constructed. SPSS 20.0 statistical package was employed in this particular study for the descriptive analysis of the sample, while LISREL 9.30 was used for structural equation modelling. The results of the study showed that cognitive image had a direct and significant influence on affective image, explaining in this way the formation process of the destination image concept. Moreover, when examining the relationship between destination image and tourist loyalty it was found out that cognitive image had a direct influence on tourist loyalty. The results of the study prove to be beneficial both at an empirical and practical level. As a matter of fact, it does not only provide insightful information for tourism operators and policy-makers, but it also contributes in the body of knowledge of the country where the study takes place.

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_the_former_yugoslav_republic_of_macedonia.pdf Facts and Figures about Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza - Tirana International Airport. (2017). Retrieved 25 December 2017, from Flouris, T., & Oswald, S. (2016). Designing and executing strategy in aviation management (1st ed., pp. 51-76). London: Routledge. Freathy, P. (2004). The commercialisation of European airports: successful strategies in a decade of turbulence?. Journal Of Air Transport Management, 10(3), 191-197.

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Molecular diagnosis relieves patients of uncertainty, aids informed decisions about health and reproductive choices, and helps them join clinical trials or access available therapy. Genetic testing by next generation sequencing (NGS) is the suggested choice for a wide variety of disorders with heterogeneous phenotypes, alleles and loci. The development of a NGS service at MAGI Balkans, through the support of a partner, increases the availability of forefront genetic testing in Albania with great advantages for patients and their families. Here we report the NGS tests performed in collaboration with MAGI Euregio, Italy, for the diagnosis of rare genetic disease in seven probands and their families. The diseases/manifestations included ichthyosis, familial adenomatous polyposis, diabetes, syndromic craniosynostosis, fronto-temporal dementia, fragile X syndrome and ataxia. We obtained an overall detection rate of 57%. For 4/7 probands we identified a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant, while for the others, the results did not completely explain the phenotype. All variants were confirmed by Sanger sequencing. Segregation of the variant with the affected phenotype was also evaluated.

development of conduct problems and delinquency. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 34, 737–755. Macmillan, R., McMorris, B. J., & Kruttschnitt, C. (2004). Linked lives: Stability and change in maternal circumstances and trajectories of antisocial behavior in children. Child Development, 75, 205–220. MASH (2012) COMBI (communication for behaviour change): new techniques of discipline in the classroom. Ministry of Education and Science: Tirana, Albania Moffitt, T.E. (1993). “Life-course persistent” and “adolescent-limited” anti-social behaviour: A developmental taxonomy

high. A health survey conducted in 2001 in Tirana, reported that among 1120 participants aged 25 years or older, the prevalence of obesity, diabetes mellitus (DM), hypertension and smoking (current) was 29% ( 15 ), (9.7%) ( 16 ), 31.8% ( 17 ) and 28% ( 18 ), respectively. Later reports confirmed the high burden of these risk factors; the prevalence of hypertension and obesity (in 2008) and smoking (in 2011) were 36.5%, 21.6% and 26% ( 19 ), respectively. Despite these unfavourable developments, the difficult transition from a totalitarian communist regime toward a

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to evaluate the education training in patients with type 2 diabetes in relation to lifestyle improvement through the influence of education in the levels of HbA1c, arterial pressure, triglyceride, cholesterol levels, and in body mass index (BMI). The training (four sessions) was conducted by trained nursing staff for 6 months. The sample size in total was 200 patients in both groups (control and intervention). The study conducted in Albania included 20 residential areas in the Tirana region where family physicians provide services. These 20 physicians and diabetic