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transcendental, but a transcendental of the good. In peace’s positive and negative rationes, union/order and rest/tranquility, it is reduced to the transcendental good. Yet through this reduction, peace adds conceptual content to ens. Inasmuch as something is, it is ordered/in union. Inasmuch as something is, it is at rest/tranquil. Keywords • transcendentals • peace • good • Thomistic metaphysics • peace studies European Journal for the Study of Thomas Aquinas 37 (2019) 19 the…transcendental good, which is convertible with truth and unity”.5 In order to


disciplines. Her solution to an uneasy, if not impossible, dialogue is to make theology the dominant partner in a theological economics. Hirschfeld’s struggle to bridge the gap between two clashing paradigms is reflected in the chapters. The bulk of chapters three and four is devoted to a Thomistic anthropology. Chapter three, which is about Thomistic metaphysics, is unlikely to appeal to the non-theologian. In chapter four, Aquinas’ conception of happiness and European Journal for the Study of Thomas Aquinas EJSTA 38 (2020) DOI: 10.2478/ejsta-2020