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Recommendations for Fetal Echocardiography in Twin Pregnancy in 2016

for the evaluation of heart failure in the fetus with or without hydrops. Pediatr Cardiol. 2004;25(3):274–286 42. Crombleholme TM1, Lim FY, Habli M, Polzin W, Jaekle R, Michelfelder E, Cnota J, Liu C, Kim MO. Improved recipient survival with maternal nifedipine in twin-twin transfusion syndrome complicated by TTTS cardiomyopathy undergoing selective fetoscopic laser photocoagulation. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Oct;203(4):397.e1-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2010.06.032. Epub 2010 Aug 17. 43. Bręborowicz G, Malinowski W, Ronin-Walknowska E, Multiple pregnancy

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A reflection after 24 „training the trainers“ workshops
Izkušnje po 24 delavnicah učenje učiteljev

References 1. Evans B, Armstrong D, Weinman J, Elliott L. Training trainers: a new approach for community medicine. Public 1990; 104: 3-8. 2. Novak Ž, Cerar VM, Rener-Primec Z, Dolžan V, Steblovnik L, Hawlina M. Why should one join a TTT program? Ask a colleague! - Or experience after a dozen of TTT workshops. Zdrav Vestn 2010; 79: 742-7. 3. Arogundade RA. Adult learning principles for effective teaching in radiology programmes: a review of the literature. West Afr J Med 2011; 30: 3-10. 4

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Left main stenting induced flow disturbances on ascending aorta and aortic arch


Background and Objective

Ostial LM stenting potentially induces turbulence in the aortic wall near the LM ostium, which might be correlated with aorta dilation and dissection. We investigated through a computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD), the presence and potential consequences of flow turbulences both in the ascending aorta and arch after a stenting left main (LM) mid shaft or distal disease.


The model of the ascending aorta and left coronary artery was reconstructed reviewing both angiographic and echocardiographic measurements of 80 consecutive patients (43 males, mean age 75.1 ± 6.2 years) with significant LM mid shaft or distal disease treated in our institution. For stent simulation, a third-generation everolimus-eluting stent was reconstructed. Two stenting procedures (lesion 1:1 or ostial coverage) were investigated.


The net area averaged WSS of the model resulted higher when the stent covered the lesion 1:1 compared to the ostial coverage (3.68 vs. 2.06 Pa, P=0.01 and 3.97 vs. 1.98 Pa, P < 0.001, respectively). LM ostial coverage generates more turbulences in the LM itself, in the aortic wall at ostium level, and at the sino-tubular junction compared with the stenting of the lesion 1:1. Conversely, in the ascending aorta, the WSS appears lower when stenting the lesion 1:1.


Extending the stent coverage up to the ostium, when the ostial region is not diseased, might induce unfavorable alterations of flow; not only both at the level of the LM lesion and ostium sites, but also in the ascending aorta and aortic arch, potentially predisposing the aortic wall to long-term damage.

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Crystal structures and conformers of CyMe4-BTBP

-BTBP (ttc conformer) in the unit cell of 1. Fig. 4. The packing of the molecules of CyMe4-BTBP (ttt conformer) and THF in the unit cell of 2. The disorder of molecules is omitted for clarity. azinylpyridine N-donor ligands. Chem. Rev., 113(2), 1199-1236. DOI: 10.1021/cr3003399. 3. Whittaker, D. M., Griffi ths, T. L., Helliwell, M., Swinburne, A. N., Natrajan, L. S., Lewis, F. W., Harwood, L. M., Parry, S. A., & Sharrad, C. A. (2013). Lanthanide speciation in potential SANEX and GANEX actinide/lanthanide separations using tetra-N-donor extractants

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Contribution to Availability Assessment of Complex Systems with one Shot Items

References AKERSTEN, P. A.: "The Double TTT-Plot — a Tool for the Study of Nonconstant Failure Intensities" , In: Proceedings of the 6 th National Reliability Conference in Birmingham. Warrington: National Centre of System Reliability UKAEA 2B/3/1-8, 1987. CROWDER, M. J., KIMBER, A. C.: Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data , London: Chapman & Hall, 1991. NELSON, W.: Hazard Plotting of Left Trucated Life Data , Journal of Quality Technology Nr. 20, 1990, pp. 230 - 238

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Review Paper. Transplacental Digoxin Treatment In Prenatal Cardiac Problems In Singleton Pregnancies - Meta Analysis (Based On Literature: 1992–2015)


Based on fourteen case reports from various centres from 1992-2015 and three original studies in 2006-2011, 122 fetuses were subjected to analysis. In these reports, transplacental digoxin treatment was administered to different cardiac anomalies such as SVT , Ebstein’s anomaly, critical AS , absent pulmonary valve syndrome, complete heart block, in foetuses with aneurysm/diverticulum of LV, in tricuspid atresia or dysplasia, rhabdomyoma, pulmonary atresia, HLHS with fibroelastosis, in TTTS and in extracardiac anomalies such as atriovenous malformation or sacrococcygeal teratoma. There was no statistical difference to suggest (Chi-square test) that digoxin was more efficient to control fetal arrhythmias than fetal congestive heart failure in nonarrhythmic patients.

Conclusions: Foetal cardiac insufficiency may appear due to different reasons (in normal heart anatomy or in heart defects, in normal sinus rhythm or due to foetal arrhythmias: tachycardias or severe bradycardia) and may be a cause of intrauterine demise. So far, we do not have strong evidence that digoxin treatment may prevent foetal death or prematurity. More research is needed to ascertain if the prolonging of pregnancy resulted from digoxin treatment or if improvement in foetal circulatory insufficiency was influenced by spontaneous regression of foetal cardiac symptoms.

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Born or Made? An Overview of the Social Status and Professional Training of Hungarian Interpreters in Romania

profession: What do Romanian university programmes have to offer? Studio Universitatis Babeş- Bolyai Philologia. I.TTT(3): 95-122. Horvátli, L 2005. A romániai magyarok kétnyelvűsége: nyelvismeret, nyelvhasználat, nyelvi dominancia. Regionális összehasonhíó elemzések. Erdélyi Társadalom 3(1): 171-198. Kopczyński, A.-A. Kowaluk. 1997. Nature or nurture. Are conference interpreters bom or made? In: R. Hickey-S. Puppel (eds), Language history and Linguistic modelling. A Festschrift forjacek Fisiak on his 6Cfh birthday. Volume 11. Berlin: Mouton

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Some Practical Design Aspects of Appendages for Passenger Vessels

References Rhyu, S.S. Jang, H.S. and Joo, Y.R., 2003. Model test report for 50,000 GT cruise vessel. SSMB Report No. R20039TT, Shipbuilding & Plant Research Institute, Samsung H.I., in Korean Choi, S.H. Shin, S.C. Jang, H.S. and Joo, Y.R., 2002. Appendage optimization test report for 154m class Ro- Pax. SSMB Report No. R29213TT-T1, Shipbuilding & Plant Research Institute, Samsung H.I., Korean Kim, S.P. Park J.J. Jun, D.S. Kim, Y.S. and Lee, C.J., 2006. A development of new device for bow thruster tunnel grids. Journal of the

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How Pigs Influence Indoor Air Properties in Intensive Farming: Practical Implications – A Review

References Aarnink A.J.A., Schrama J.W., Heetkamp M.J.W., Stefanowska J., Huynh T.T.T. (2006). Temperature and body weight affect fouling of pig pens. J. Anim. Sci., 84: 2224–2231. Aarnink A.J.A., Huynh T.T.T., Bikker P. (2016). Modelling heat production and heat loss in growing-finishing pigs. CIGR-AgEng Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, 26–29.06.2016, 8 pp. Anderson D.L. (2002). National Swine Registry. Available at . ARC (1981). The Nutrient Requirements of Pigs. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Slough, England, 307

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