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Employee Participation in Practice: Works Councils in the Tissue of Social Partnership in Switzerland

5 Literatur Afonso, Alexandre. 2013. Social Concertation in Times of Austerity. European Integration and the Politics of Labour Market Reforms in Austria and Switzerland. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Baumgärtner, Alex. 2013. Industrial Relations in der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft. Baden-Baden: Nomos, Bern: Stämpfli. BIGA. 1973. Bundesamt für Industrie, Gewerbe und Arbeit: Stand der Mitbestimmung in der Schweiz. Die Volkswirtschaft, Januar: 3–6. Bundesrat. 1973. Botschaft des Bundesrates an die Bundesversammlung zum

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Being a Music Performer in French Speaking Switzerland: Relationships to Work and Employment

Olivier Thevenin. Paris : l’Harmattan. Freidson, Eliot. 1986. Les professions artistiques comme défi à l’analyse sociologique. Revue française de sociologie 27(3) : 431–443. Grand, Lurker et André Tschan. 2012. Heute und Danach. The Swiss Underground Music Scene of the 80’s . Zürich : Edition Patrick Frey. Heckathorn, Douglas D. et Joan Jeffri. 2001. Finding the beat: Using respondent-driven sampling to study jazz musicians. Poetics 28(4) : 307–329. Heinich, Nathalie. 1991. La gloire de Van Gogh . Paris : Éditions de Minuit. Horner

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Equal Outcomes, but Different Treatment – Subtle Discrimination in Email Responses From a Correspondence Test in Switzerland

Findings. Pp. 187–258 in Clear and Convincing Evidence: Measurements of Discrimination in America, edited by Michael Fix and Raymond J. Struyk. Washington, D. C.: The Urban Institute Press. Helbling, Marc. 2011. Why Swiss-Germans Dislike Germans. European Societies 13(1): 5–27. Kaas, Leo and Christian Manger. 2012. Ethnic Discrimination in Germany’s Labour Market: A Field Experiment. German Economic Review 13(1): 1–20. Krings, Franciska, Claire Johnston, Steve Binggeli, and Christian Maggiori. 2014. Selective Incivility: Immigrant Groups

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A New Typology to Describe the Regional Differences in Swiss Labor Markets

8 References Barro, Robert. 2000. Inequality and Growth in a Panel of Countries. Journal of Economic Growth 32 (March): 5–32. Battaglini, Monica and Olivier Giraud. 2003. Policy Styles and the Swiss Executive Federalism: Comparing Diverging Styles of Cantonal Implementation of the Federal Law on Unemployment. Swiss Political Science Review 9(1): 285–308, (20.04.2016). Bertozzi, Fabio, Giuliano Bonoli, and Benoit Gay-des-Combes. 2005. La réforme de l’Etat social en Suisse

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Who Is Afraid of Skilled Migrants From Europe? Exploring Support for Immigration Control in Switzerland

7 References Ackermann, Maya and Markus Freitag. 2015. What Actually Matters? Understanding Attitudes Toward Immigration in Switzerland. Swiss Political Science Review 21(1): 36–47. Allport, Gordon W. 1954. The Nature of Prejudice . Reading: Addison Wesley. Auspurg, Katrin and Thomas Hinz. 2015. Factorial Survey Experiments . Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences 175. Thousand Oaks: Sage. Blinder, Scott. 2015. Imagined Immigration: The Impact of Different Meanings of “Immigrants” in Public Opinion and Policy Debates in

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Risk of Malpractice Claims and Changes in Professional Autonomy: A Qualitative Study of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists in Switzerland

. Sociologie du travail 53(3): 369-387. Bucher, Rue, and Anselm Strauss. 1961. Professions in Process. American Journal of Sociology 66(4): 352-334. Büchler, Andrea, and Thomas Gächter. 2011. Medical Law in Switzerland. Alphen aan den Rijn: Wolters Kluwer. Bury, Michael. 2010. The British Health Care System. Pp. 412-433 in The New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology, edited by William C. Cockerham. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Cambrosio, Alberto, Peter Keating, Thomas Schlich, and George Weisz. 2006

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Does the Structural Organisation of Lower-Secondary Education in Switzerland Influence Students’ Opportunities of Transition to Upper- Secondary Education? A Multilevel Analysis

. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. Hupka-Brunner, Sandra, Thomas Meyer, Barbara E. Stalder, and Anita Keller. 2011a. PISA-Kompetenzen und Ubergangswege: Ergebnisse der Schweizer TREE Studie. Pp. 175-190 in Neue Jugend, neue Ausbildung, edited by Elisabeth M. Krekel and Tilly Lex. Bielefeld: Bertelsmann. Hupka-Brunner, Sandra, Stefan Sacchi, and Barbara E. Stalder. 2010. Social Origin and Access to Upper Secondary Education in Switzerland: A Comparison of Company-Based Apprenticeship and Exclusively School-Based Programmes. Swiss Journal of Sociology 36

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Emigration Patterns and Determinants of Children of Immigrants in Switzerland

Auslandschweizergemeinschaft. Neuchatel: Schweizerisches Forum fur Migrations- und Bevolkerungsstudien (SFM). Sriskandarajah, Dhananjayan, and Catherine Drew. 2006. Brits Abroad. Mapping the Scale and Nature of British Emigration. London: IPPR. Stark, Oded. 1991. The Migration of Labour. Cambridge: Basel Blackwell. Steiner, Ilka. 2014. Spatial Selectivity and Demographic Impact of Recent German Immigrants in Swiss Regions. Europa Regional 19.2011 (2014) 2: 56-68. Steiner, Ilka, and Philippe Wanner. 2015. Towards a New Data Set

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Language Policy in Switzerland

References Aleksandrowicz, M. 2011. ’Multilingualism of Switzerland - Selected Legal Problems.’ Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, 26 (39): 105-113. Bächtiger, A., Steiner, J. 2004. ‘Switzerland.’ in U.M. Amoretti, N.G. Bermeo (eds.) Federalism and Territorial Cleavages, 27-54. Baltimore and London: John Hopkins University Press. Barbour, S. 2010. ‘Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg: The Total Coincidence of Nations and Speech Communities?’ in S. Barbour, C. Carmichael (eds.) Language and Nationalism

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Unequal Pathways. School-to-Work Trajectories for Children of Turkish and Western-Balkan Origin in Switzerland and Austria

. Eurostat, (27.11.2013). Eurostat. 2013b. Expenditure on education as % of GDP or public expenditure. Data. Eurostat, (27.11.2013). Fibbi, Rosita, Mathias Lerch, and Philippe Wanner. 2006. Unemployment and Discrimination against Youth of Immigrant Origin in Switzerland: When the Name Makes the Difference. Journal of International Migration and Integration 7(3): 351-366. Fibbi

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