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Theorising Racism: Exploring the Swedish racial regime

. Essays on Swedish society, eds. Ålund & Schierup, Avebury, Aldershot, pp. 47-69. Ålund, Å, Schierup, C-U & Neergaard, A (eds) 2017, Reimagineering the Nation. Essays on Twenty First Century Sweden, Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main. Anderson, B 2000, Doing the dirty work? the global politics of domestic labour, Zed, London. Andreassen, R 2013, ‘Muslim Women and Interracial Intimacies’, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 117-125. Anthias, F 2008, ‘Thinking through the lens of

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Roma Rights and Discrimination Based on Ethnicity in Sweden (Göteborg, Vänersborg, Stockholm and Trollhätan)

References 1. A Strategy for Roma Inclusion 2012-2032 (2014), Fact Sheet, Ministry of Employment of Sweden. 2. Advisory Committee of the FCNM. (2008) “Advisory Committee’s Commentary on the Effective participation of national minorities in cultural, social and economic life and public affairs”. 3. Andreas Fagerholm. (2016) “Ethnic and regionalist parties in Western Europe: A party family?”, Åbo Akademi University. 4. Decade guard (2007) “Assessment of the progress of the Decade of Roma Inclusion

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Right-Wing Populist Party Leadership in Sweden: One of a Kind or one of the Crowd?

References Albertazzi, D. and D. McDonnell (2015), Populists in Power (London: Routledge). Andersson, D. and H. Oscarsson (2018), “Kända och populära partiledare” in U. Andersson, A. Carlander, E. Lindgren and M. Oskarson (eds), Sprickor i fasaden (Göteborgs universitet: SOM-institutet). Art, D. (2011), Inside the Radical Right: The Development of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). Aylott, N. and Bolin, N. (2007), “Towards a Two-Party System? The Swedish Parliamentary Election of

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Diaspora Formation Among Kurds In Sweden
Transborder citizenship and politics of belonging

hem i rörelse: Diasporisk mobilisering i den svenska gemenskapens periferi’, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, No. 3-4, pp. 332-349. Bak Jørgensen, M 2008, National and transnational identities: Turkish organising processes and identity construction in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, AMID, Aalborg University. Berruti, D, Duru, E, Gianfelici, F & Khayati, K 2002, Kurds in Europe - from asylum right to social rights, Marsico, Napoli. Borevi, K 2002, Välfärdsstaten i det mångkulturella samhället, Uppsala University, Uppsala

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Dynamics Of Unemployment Duration Among African Migrants In Sweden
The contribution of specific country of birth and gender on employment success

, M & Vilhelmsson, R 2004, “Unemployment - risk differentials between immigrant and native workers in Sweden”, Industrial Relations , vol. 43, no.3, pp. 690-698. Arai, M; Regnér, H & Schröder, L 1999, “Är arbetsmarknaden öppen för alla?”, Bilaga 6. Långtidsutredningen 2000 , Fritzes, Stockholm. Arai, M; Schröder, L; Thoursie, P & Thoursie, A 2006, “Måste alla heta som Svensson? En empirisk studie av namnbyten och inkomster”. LO/Integrationsverket . Stockholm. Aslan, Z 2011, “Occupational Adjustment of Immigrants”, University of Amsterdam & IZA

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Pharmacy employees’ self-rated knowledge, use and attitudes toward homeopathy: A comparative survey in Sweden and Germany

Being Made?’ Homeopathy 102: 151–54. [4] Bjerså, Kristofer, Anna Forsberg, and Monika Fagevik. 2011. ‘Perceptions of Complementary Therapies among Swedish Registered Professions in Surgical Care.’ Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 17. Elsevier Ltd: 44–49. [5] Bjerså, Kristofer, Elisabet Stener Victorin, and Monika Fagevik Olsén. 2012. ‘Knowledge about Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine (CAM) among Registered Health Care Providers in Swedish Surgical Care : A National Survey among University Hospitals.’ BMC Complementary and

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Alcohol policy and local democracy in Sweden

: Sulkunen, P. & Sutton, C. & Tigerstedt, C. & Warpenius, K. (eds): Broken Spirits. Power and Ideas in Nordic Alcohol Control. Helsinki: Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research Andréasson, S. (ed.) (2002): Den svenska supen i det nya Europa. Nya villkor för alkoholprevention: en kunskapsöversikt (The Swedish drink in the new Europe. New conditions for alcohol prevention: an overview). Stockholm: Statens folkhälsoinstitut Anttila, A. & Sulkunen, P. (2001): Inflammable Alcohol Issue: Alcohol Policy Argumentation in the

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The same old story? Continuity and change in Swedish print media constructions of cannabis

). A Canadian perspective on cannabis normalization among adults. Addiction Research and Theory , 20 (4), 271–283. Dwyer, R., & Moore, D. (2013). Enacting multiple methamphetamines: The ontological politics of public discourse and consumer accounts of a drug and its effects. International Journal of Drug Policy, 24 (3), 203–211. Ekendahl, M. (2012). Danish heroin prescription in Swedish print media: Exploring the silent agreements of harm reduction and zero tolerance. Addiction Research and Theory, 20 (5), 423–434. Fairclough, N. (1995). Media

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Drug treatment in Swedish prisons – moving towards evidence-based interventions?

universitet Ekbom, T. & Engström, G. & Göransson, B (2006): Människan, brottet, följderna. Kriminalitet och kriminalvård i Sverige. Stockholm: Natur och Kultur Edman, J. & Stenius, K. (2007): A frame. In: Edman, J. & Stenius, K. (eds): On the margins: Nordic alcohol and drug treatment 1885-2007. NAD publication Nr 50. Helsinki: Nordic Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research Härenstam, A. (1989): Prison personnel: Working conditions, stress and health. A study of 2000 employees in Sweden. (Diss.) Stockholm: Karolinska institutet

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Dreaming of Sweden as a Space of Well-Being: Lifestyle Migration Among Young Latvians and Romanians

mobility? The return of the multinational worker in Europe’, Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research , vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 219-231. Apsite, E, Lundholm, E & Stjernström, O 2012, ‘Baltic state migration system: The case of Latvian immigrants in Sweden’, Journal of Northern Studies , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 31-52. Bartolini, L, Gropas, R & Triandafyllidou, A 2017, ‘Drivers of highly skilled mobility from Southern Europe: escaping the crisis and emancipating oneself’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 652-673, DOI:10

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