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Do Young Learners Exploit the Same Learning Strategies as Adults?

Cohen, A., & Macaro, E. (2007). Language learner strategies: thirty years of research and practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cohen, A., & Weaver, S. (2006). Styles- and strategies-based instruction: a teachers guide. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota. Chamot, A. (c1999). The learning strategies handbook. New York: Longman. Chamot, A., & El_Dinary, R. (1999). Children's learning strategies in immersion classrooms. The Modern Language Journal, 83 (3), 319-338. Gunning, P. (1997). The Learning Strategies of Beginning ESL Learners at

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Toolbox of teaching strategies

cultivates students’ high-level thinking skills by making students analyze and evaluate problems at higher stages. After comparing to a traditional class, PBL has a positive impact on learning because increased motivation and satisfaction can be achieved through the interaction and communication between students. 9 Nursing students can have a better understanding of collaboration, and their communicational and interpersonal skills will be improved after using the PBL teaching strategy. 2 Flipped classrooms The flipped classroom is a student-centered teaching

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Bluffing computer? Computer strategies to the Perudo game

References [1] D. Billings, Algorithms and assessment in computer poker, PhD Thesis, Alberta University, 2006. ⇒61 [2] N. Boros, Machine strategies in the game of Perudo, Univ. Thesis (in Hungarian; supervisor: Gábor Takács), Széchenyi University, Győr, 2009. ⇒57 [3] M. Eigen, R. Winkler, Das Spiel - Naturgesetze steuern den Zufall, R. Piper & Co. Verlag, M¨unchen, 1975. ⇒58 [4] A. Furnham, 50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need to Know, Quercus Publishing, London, 2009. ⇒68 [5] R

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Analysis of E-marketing Strategies

:// Chaffey, D. & Smith, P.R. (2008). eMarketing eXcellence Planning and optimizing your digital marketing (Third edition). Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Chaffey, D. (2011, May). E-marketing Strategy - Strategy definition and goal setting . Retrieved May, 2001 from Deborah, D. L. & Snyder, N. T. (2006, august). Mastering Virtual Team . Retrieved January 10, 2011 from

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Strategies for developing knowledge economy in Romania

References Bejinaru, R. (2017). Universities in the knowledge economy. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 251-271. Bolisani, E., and Bratianu, C. (2017). Knowledge strategy planning: an integrated approach to manage uncertainty, turbulence, and dynamics. Journal of Knowledge Management , Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 233-253. Bratianu, C. (2011). A new perspective of the intellectual capital dynamics in organizations. In Vallejo-Alonso, B., Rodriguez-Castellanos, A. and Arregui-Ayastuy, G. (Eds.). Identifying, measuring

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Marketing strategies of Polish companies on foreign markets

Bibliography 1. Fonfara K. (ed) (2014,) Marketing międzynarodowy. Współczesne trendy i praktyka (International marketing. Modern trends and practice), PWN, Warszawa 2. Frąk M. (2017), Łódzkie szóste pod względem exportu. Wysoko handel i tekstylia (Łódź Voivodeship sixth in export ranking. High position of trade and textiles), WWW, (access date 2.08.2017), Gazeta Wyborcza 1.04.2008 3. Gorynia M. (2007), Strategie zagranicznej ekspansji przedsiębiorstw (Strategies of companies’ foreign expansion), PWE, Warszawa

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On Gender and Apology Strategies: The Case of Arabic

References Abu Humei, Ahmed. 2013. “The Effect of Gender and Status on the Apology Strategies used by American Native Speakers of English and Iraqi EFL University Students.” Research on Humanities and Social Sciences , 3(2):145-173. Afghari, Akabr. 2007. “A Sociopragmatic Study of Apology Speech Act Realization Patterns in Persian.” Speech Communication 49(3):177-185. Alfattah, Mohammed. 2010. “Apology Strategies of Yemeni EFL University Students.” MJAL 2 (3):223-249. Bataineh, Ruba and Bataineh, Rula. 2006. “Apology Strategies of

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General overview of maintenance strategies – concepts and approaches

group decision making (MAGDM) model for selecting appropriate maintenance strategy for marine and offshore machinery operations. Ocean Engineering, Elsevier Ltd, 179 (February), pp. 246-260. doi: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2019.02.065. Bashiri, M., Badri, H. & Hejazi, T. H. (2011). Selecting optimum maintenance strategy by fuzzy interactive linear assignment method. Applied Mathematical Modelling, Elsevier Inc., 35(1), pp. 152-164. doi: 10.1016/j.apm.2010.05.014. Bevilacqua, M. & Braglia, M. (2000). Analytic hierarchy process applied to maintenance strategy

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Self-Regulated Strategies for School Writing Tasks: A Cross-Cultural Report

References Alexander, P., Graham, S., & Harris, K.R. (1998). A perspective on strategy research: Progress and prospects. Educational Psychology Review, 10, 129-154. doi: Bandura, A. (1986). Social foundations of thought and action: A social cognitive theory. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Barbeiro, L.F. (2011). What happens when I write? Pupil's writing about writing. Reading and Writing, 24, 813-834. doi:

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Competitive Strategies in Higher Education: Scale Development

. (1999). Stategy drives marketing success, Graphic Arts Monthly, Vol. 71 No2, pp.96. 6. Denscombe, M. 2010. The Good Research Guide: For Small-scale Social Research Projects. McGraw-Hill. 7. Dess, G.G., Davis, P.S. (1984), Porter’s (1980) generic strategies as determinants 8. Grant, R.M. (2002), Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 4th ed., Blackwell, Oxford. 9. Gulsecen, S. and Kubat, A., (2006). Teaching ICT to teacher candidates using PBL: A qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Educational Technology & Society, 9 (2): 96-106. 10. Hair, J

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