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Experimental Study on Steel Tank Model Using Shaking Table/ Badania Eksperymentalne Modelu Zbiornika Stalowego Na Stole Sejsmicznym

References 1. Burkacki D., Jankowski R.: Diagnosis of damage in a steel tank model by shaking table harmonic tests, Key Engineering Materials, 525-526 (2013) 477-480. 2. Burkacki D., Jankowski R.: Badania eksperymentalne modelu zbiornika stalowego poddanego wstrząsom górniczym i sejsmicznym, XIII Sympozjum: Wpływy sejsmiczne i parasejsmiczne na budowle, Kraków 22-23 listopada 2012, (2012) 1-15. 3. Chen Y.-H., Hwang W.-S., Ko C.H., (2007): Sloshing behaviours of rectangular and cylindrical liquid tanks subjected

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Effect of settlement of foundations on the failure risk of the bottom of cylindrical steel vertical tanks for liquids

1 Introduction Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for the storage of liquids use different types of foundations. In such tanks, sometimes ground-layered foundations are used, and much more often, ring-shaped reinforced concrete foundations with compacted gravel-sand substrate inside these rings. During long-term operation of the tanks, the soil under the steel bottom of the tank undergoes permanent deformations in the form of vertical non-uniform settlement. This settlement can have different causes, but in each case, affects the state of stress and deformation

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A system consists of lifted steel tank and four assembly supports with variable assembly conditions

1 Introduction A cylindrical steel tank for liquid with a vertical axis and with the following parameters, V = 1,200 m 3 , H = 20 m, m = 38.85 t, was mounted. The shell of the tank consisted of 10 shell courses (segments) with respective thicknesses of 5 mm– courses from 1 to 4, 6 mm (courses 5–6), 7 mm (courses 7–8) and 8 mm (courses 9–10). During the assembly of each segment, the shell of the tank was stiffened on fragments of its lower edge using bowed (cambered) channels about 3.0-m long, to which connectors were welded. To mount the tank, four

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Results of acoustic emission tests of corrosion protection degree of ship steel tanks covered by means of protective coatings (Phase I)

hull structural steel tanks protected by means of coating systems combined of polyurethane layer and concrete filler (Laboratory test method) (in Polish). EUREKA CORRET Project No. 3614 on „Elastic protective coatings for tanks on tankers - an alternative method for adjusting the tankers to environmental protection requirements”. (under supervision of Kozak J.), Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdańsk, 2007. Polish Standard no. PN-EN 1330-9:2002: Non-destructive testing — Terminology — Part

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Reliability Analysis Of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells


The subject of the article is the verification of the reliability of thin-walled rotationally symmetric cylindrical shells, using probabilistic approaches. Internal forces and stress of the shell are analysed assuming a membrane action. Material and geometric characteristics of the steel shell are considered as random variables. The reliability index is evaluated using the Latin Hypercube Sampling method. The results of the reliability analysis are derived in a general form, so that they may be useful for assessing the reliability of tanks and pipes.

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Application of the Mathar Method to Identify Internal Stress Variation in Steel as a Welding Process Result

, CRC Press, 2016, 345–351. 6. ASTM 837-08 Standard test method for determining residual stresses by the hole-drilling strain-gate method. 7. Kowalski D.: Stesses in tank shell with shape deformation , International Conference Design, Inspection, Maitenance and Operation of Cylindrical Steel Tanks and Pipelines. Prague - Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, 8-11 October 2003, Ed. V. Krupka, 2003, 143–147. 8. Kowalski D.: Influence of initial imperfections on the vertical tank side stresses , Gdańsk University of Technology, 2004. 9. Kowalski

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