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High-strength flowable mortar reinforced by steel fiber

; 21, 2007, pp. 1149-1154. Balaguru, P. N. & Shah, S. P.: Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites. 1992, McGraw-Hill Inc., New York. Banthia, N. & Sappakittipakorn, M.: Toughness enhancement in steel fiber reinforced concrete through fiber hybridization. Cem. & Conc. Research; 37, 2007, pp.1366-1372. Balendran, R. V., Zhou, F. P., Nadeem, A. & Leung, A. Y.: Influence of steel fibers on strength and ductility of normal and lightweight high-strength concrete. Building & Environment, 37, 2007, pp

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X-Ray Investigation and Strength Measurement of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Beams

References [1] AKCAY B., TASDEMIR MA.: Mechanical behaviour and fibre dispersion of hybrid steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete, Construction and Building Materials 28 (2012) 287-293. [2] GRÜNEWALD S.: Performance-based design of self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete, Doctor`s thesis, 2004. [3] DING Y., THOMASETH D., NIEDEREGGER CH., THOMAS A., LUKAS W.: The investigation on the workability and flexural toughness of fibre cocktail reinforced selfcompacting high performance concrete, 6th RILEM

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Testing an Impedance Non-destructive Method to Evaluate Steel-Fiber Concrete Samples

.A., Ribakov, Y. (2011). Recent trends in steel fibered high-strength concrete. Materials and Design , 32 (8-9), 4122-4151. [10] Ozyurt, N., Mason, T.O., Shah, S.P. (2006). Nondestructive monitoring of fiber orientation using ACIS: An industrial-scale application. Cement and Concrete Research , 36 (9), 1653-1660. [11] Szymanik, B., Frankowski, P.K., Chady, T., Azariah, C.R., Szczecin, J.C. (2015). Detection and inspection of steel bars in reinforced concrete structures using active infrared thermography with microwave excitation and eddy current. Sensors , 16

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X-Ray Investigation And Modelling Of Steel Fibres In Self-Compacting Concrete

performance self-compacting concrete, Cement Wapno Beton, 2012, 79, pp. 165 - 176. [14] BRANDT, A.M. Cement-based composites. Materials, mechanical properties and performance, Taylor & Francis, USA & Canada 2009. [15] PONIKIEWSKI, T., CYGAN, G. Some properties of self-compacting concretes reinforced with steel fibres, Cement Wapno Beton, 2011, 78, pp. 203-209. [16] PAJĄK M., PONIKIEWSKI, T. Flexural behavior of self-compacting concrete reinforced with different types of steel fibers, Construction and Building Materials, 2013, 47, pp. 397–408. [17

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A Non-Destructive Impedance Method Using Resonance to Evaluate the Concentration of Steel Fibers in Concrete

laminates using layer selectable eddy current method. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 82, 108-118. [6] Zheng, K., Chang, Y.S., Wang, K.H., Yao, Y. (2016). Thermographic clustering analysis for defect detection in CFRP structures. Polymer Testing, 49, 73-81. [7] Santoro, S., Drioli, E., Figoli, A. (2016). Development of novel ECTFE coated PP composite hollow-fiber membranes. Coatings, 6 (3), 1-12. [8] Faifer, M., Ottoboni, R., Toscani, S., Ferrara, L. (2011). Nondestructive testing of steel-fiber

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Experimental Study of Multi-Ribbed One-Way Composite Slabs Made of Steel Fibre, Foam, and Normal Concrete

:2012.370 pages .ISBN:978-2-88394-106-9. 5. Smith Scott T, Hu Shenghua, Kim Seo Jin, Seracino Rudolf. FRP-strengthened RC slabs anchored with FRP anchors. Eng Struct 2011;33(4):1075-87. 6. Sorelli L, Meda A, Plizzari G. Steel fibre concrete slabs on ground: a structural matter. ACI Struct J 2006:103(4):551-8. 7. RILEM TC 162-TDF. Test and design methods for steel fibre reinforced concrete-r-e design method: final recommendations. Mater Struct 2003;36:560-7. 8. Destrée X. Free suspended elevated flat slabs of steel

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Experimental Investigation of Shear Behavior of Two-Span Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams

. Michels, R. Christen, D. Waldmann, “Experimental and numerical investigation on postcracking behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete”, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 98: 326-349, 2013. 5. A. Jansson, M. Flansbjer, I. Lofgren, K. Lundgren, K. Gylltoft, “Experimental investigation of surface crack initiation, propagation and tension stiffening in self-compacting steel-fibre-reinforced concrete”, Materials and Structures, 45: 1127-1143, 2012. 6. A.M. Brandt, “Cement based composites: Materials, mechanical properties and performance”, 2 nd ed., Taylor

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Diagnosis in New Technological Line for Steel Fiber Production for Process Safety

REFERENCES Ashimov, B.A. 2013. The Strength and deformability of steel fiber concrete and slab constructions with the use of fiber from used steel ropes . The Dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of technical Sciences, Moscow, 147. Chernavin, V., Seraya, N., Zatonov, G., Bedenko, Y. 2013. Perspectives of steel fiber concrete application with using of dispersed reinforcing from used ropes . Modern Challenges and Decisions of Globalization. International Conference. July 15, 2013. New York, USA. P.2, S.: Kazakhstan

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Hybrid Effects of Stirrup Ratio and Steel Fibers on Shear Behaviour of Self-Compacting Concrete

References 1. Narayanan, R., Darwish, I.Y.S.: Use of steel fibers as shear reinforcement. ACI Structural Journal, 84, 216-227, (1987). 2. Cucchiara C, Mendola LL, Papia M.: Effectiveness of stirrups and steel fibres as shear reinforcement. Cement Concrete Composites, 26, 777-786, (2004). 3. Kwak YK, Eberhard M, Kim WS, Kim J.: “Shear strength of steel fibre-reinforced concrete beams without stirrups”. ACI Structural Journal, 99(4), 530-537 (2002). 4. Yining Ding, Zhiguo You and Said Jalali.: “The

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Load-Deflection Characteristics Of Steel, Polypropylene And Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams

R eferences 1. S. K. Kulkarni et. al Elastic properties of R.C.C under flexural loading, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) Vol.2, Issue 6, Nov-Dec. 2012, pp. 4022-4025 ISSN: 2249-6645 2. Qian CX, Stroeven P. Development of hybrid polypropylene-steel fibre reinforced concrete, Cement and Concrete Research, 30 (2000) 63-9. 3. Banthia N, Nandakumar N. Crack growth resistance of hybrid fiber reinforced cement composites, Cement and Concrete Composites, 25(2003) 3-9. 4. M. N. S. H Adi An Investigation of the Behaviour

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