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Development of State-Owned Enterprises of Transport Industry in Latvia

R eferences Aharoni, Y. (1981). Performance evaluation of state-owned enterprises: A process perspective. Management Science , 27 (11), 1340–1347. Aharoni Y. 1981 Performance evaluation of state-owned enterprises: A process perspective Management Science 27 11 1340 1347 Aharoni, Y. (2000.) The performance of state-owned enterprises. In P. A. Toninelli (Ed.), The rise and fall of state-owned enterprise in the Western world (pp. 49

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Impact of the Corporate Governance Reform on the Management Effectiveness of State-Owned Enterprises in Lithuania in 2012–2014

References A.Butkevičius: LJL shares transfer to LG will help company to become profitable, <>, viewed on 6th, July, 2016 Baltic institute of Corporate Governance, “CEOs in Lithuanian State-owned Enterprises”, 2013 Baltic institute of Corporate Governance, “Guidance on Board effectiveness”,>, viewed on 6th, July, 2016 Contract on the establishment of national investments

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A Survey of the Autonomy, Accountability, Effectiveness and Governance of Slovak State-Owned Enterprises

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Investigating the Failure of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of an Emerging Economy: A Comparative Case Study

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An Assessment of Good Corporate Governance in State Owned Enterprises of Mauritius

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State-owned enterprise sector, 2018

References NewERA. (2018). Annual financial review 2017/18 . Dublin: National Treasury Management Agency. Palcic, D., & Reeves, E. (2018). State-owned enterprise sector, 2017. Administration, 66 (1), 59–68. Power, J. (2018, September 29). Up to 360 post offices to close in next four years, says An Post chief. The Irish Times .

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Ownership Transformations of State-owned Enterprises with Special Consideration of Direct Privatisation in Poland in the Years 2004-2008

), Komercjalizacja i prywatyzacja. Komentarz , Wyd. Prawnicze "LexisNexis", Warszawa Kierunki prywatyzacji majątku Skarbu Państwa w 2010 r. , (2009), Ministry of State Treasury, Warszawa 09.2009 Law about Changing the Commercialization and Privatization Law and about Changing Other Laws of 12 th May 2006 , Journal of Laws 2006, no. 107, item 721 Law about Changing the Law about Principles of Exercising Rights due to the State Treasury , Law of Commercialization and Privatization of State-owned

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State or Private Ownership? A Survey of Empirical Studies

References BARBERIS, N. et al. (1996). How Does Privatization Work? Evidence from the Russian Shops. Journal of Political Economy , Vol. 104, August 1996, pp. 764-790. BOARDMAN, A. E., A. R. VINING. (1989). Ownership and Performance in Competitive Environments: A Comparison of the Performance of Private, Mixed, and State-Owned Enterprises. Journal of Law and Economics , Vol. XXXII, April 1989, pp. 1-33. BOUBAKRI, N., J. C. COSSET. (1998). The Financial and Operating Performance of

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Internationalization by State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) after the 2008 Crisis. Looking for Generalizations

Competitive Advantage , Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York. Bernard, R. H. (2011), Research Methods in Anthropology. Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches , Altamira Press, Oxford. Bruton G., Peng V, Ahlstrom D., Stan C., Xu K., (2015), State-owned enterprises around the world as hybrid organizations, The Academy of Management Perspectives , Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 92–114, available at: Cahen F. R., (2014), Internationalization of state-owned enterprises through foreign direct investment, RAE, São Paulo, Vol

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Determinants of Innovation-based Sustainability in Transition and Developing Economies

management practices differ across firms and countries? The Journal of Economic Perspective, 24 (1), 203-224. Blundell, R., Griffith, R., & Van Reenen, J. (1999). Market share, market value and innovation in a panel of British manufacturing firms. Review of Economic Studies, 66 , 529-554. Boardman, A. F., & Vining, A. R. (1989). Ownership and performance in competitive environments: A comparison of the performance of private, mixed, and state-owned enterprises. Journal of Law and Economics, 32 , 1-33. Bozec, R., Breton, G., & Cote, L. (2002). The

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