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The Sports Participation: From Research to Sports Policy

between the public and private sectors in the sports system/. In J. Subirats (Ed.), Existe sociedad civil en España? Responsabilidades colectivas y valores públicos / Is there a civil society in Spain? Collective responsibilities and public values /, pp. 178-200. Madrid: Fundación Encuentro. Castejón Paz, B., De Dios García Martínez, J., & Carballada, R. (1973). Rationalising sports policies: Outline of a methodology . Strasbourg: Council of Europe/Committee for Out-of-School Education & Cultural Development. Claeys, U. (1982a). Rationalising sports

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Sports Tourism

References 1. Novikova N.G., Sakharchuk E.S., Ilkevich S.V. (2013). The factors of Russia's low competitiveness as a medical tourism destination. Applied Sciences 25, 104-108. 2. Gozalova M. (2013). Development of social competence in learning a foreign language. Bulletin of the Association of Universities for Tourism and Service 3, 49-52. 3. Hudson S. (2003). Sport and adventure tourism . Bingham-ton, NY: The Haworth Press Inc. 4. The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. (2005). Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian

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The Japanese Corporate Sports System: a Unique Style of Sports Promotion

REFERENCES Chūjō, Kazuo 中条一雄. “Shōgyō shugi to supōtsu” 商業主義とスポーツ [Commercialisation and sports]. In Supōtsu no shakaigaku スポーツの社会学 [The sociology of sports], edited by Masaru Ikeda 池田勝 and Shinji Morinō 守能信次. Tōkyō: Kyōrin shoin, 2001, pp. 119-137 Kikuike, Hideo 菊池秀夫. “Supōtsu keiei to senryaku” スポーツ経営と戦略 [Sports management and strategy]. In Supōtsu no keieigaku スポーツの経営学 [The science of management of sports], edited by Masaru Ikeda 池田勝 and Shinji Morinō 守能信次. Tōkyō: Kyōrin shoin, 2004, pp. 35-62 Kindai Jūdō 近代柔道. “Dai 25 kai orinpikku

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Sports Broadcasting
An Accelerator of Business Integration in the Media Industry

, sports rights and distribution. A case study of Telenor’s exploitation of footaballa agreement 2005.] Master thesis, University of Bergen, Department of Information and Media Science. Brown, W.S. (1995) Principles of Economics, St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Company. Cave, M. & Crandall, R. (2001) Sports Rights and the Broadcast Industry. The Economic Journal , 111 (February), F4-26. Cowie, C. & Williams, M. (1997) ‘The Economics of Sports Rights’, Telecommunications Policy . 21, 619–634. Desbordes, M. (2006) ‘The Relationship between Sport

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Sports Diplomacy of Norway

/olympic_games/vancouver_2010/default.stm>. Sports and Public Diplomacy Envoys 2005-2013, 2013. Web. 05 June 2015, <>. Strategy for Norway’s culture and sports co-operation with countries in the South, eds. R. Bendiksen, M. Lendig, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo. Web. 10 June 2015, <>. U.S. Embassy gets a kick out of

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University Sports: Major Development and New Perspectives

References Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (2009). Sportmagazin. Unisport-Special. Wien: Sportverlag Canadian Interuniversity Sport (N.N.). Programs and Services. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from EUSA (2009, September.). European University Sports Newsletter 3/2009. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from FISU (N.N.). Fisu History

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TV Sports Viewers – Who Are They?
A Norwegian Case Study

of Central Lancashire, Lanchashire Business School. Cave, M. & Crandall, R. (2001) ‘Sports Rights and the Broadcast Industry’, The Economic Journal, 111 (February), F4-26. Cowie, C. & Williams, M. (1997) ‘The Economics of Sports Rights’, Telecommunications Policy, 21, pp. 619-634. Danielson, M.N. (1997) Home Team: Professional Sports and the American Metropolis. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. Desbordes, M. (2006) ‘The Relationship between Sport and Television: The Case of TF1 and the 2002

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Sports Photography and Historical Development

. Bespilotne letjelice-primjena i značaj u šumarstvu . Neobjavljeni završni rad. Sveučilište u Zagrebu: Šumarski fakultet, 2016. 15. . 16. Meehan, Joseph. Capturing Time & Motion: The Dynamic Language of Digital Photography . Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2009. 17. Streible, Dan. Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema . University of California: Press, 2008. 18. Bedeian, Arthur. (2013). Frank B. Gilbreth, Walter C. Camp and the World of Sports

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Sports Tourism: Terminological Discussion

, WSHiU w Poznaniu, 26, Poznań. S tandeven J., D e K nop P., 1999, Sport Tourism , Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois. S zczechowicz B., 2015, Łączenie wartości turystyki i sportu w świetle analizy ofert rynkowych, [in:] Turystyka sportowa. Społeczno-kulturowy potencjał i perspektywy rozwoju , M. Kazimierczak (ed.), AWF w Poznaniu, Poznań, pp. 41-53. W eed M., 2008, Sports tourism experience, Journal of Sport and Tourism , 13, 1. W yszowska I., M alchrowicz -M ośko E., 2015, Muzea sportu i turystyki jako atrakcyjny cel podróży turystów

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in Turyzm
Sports Injuries in Wheelchair Rugby – A Pilot Study

References Abel T, Platen P, Rojas Vega S, Schneider S, Strüder H. Energy expenditure in ball games for wheelchair users. Spinal Cord , 2008; 46: 785-790 Bhambhani Y. Physiology. In Y. Vanlandewijck W. Thompson (Eds.), Handbook of sports medicine and science, the paralympic athlete . Oxford, 51-73; 2011 Barfield JP, Malone LA, Arbo C, Jung AP. Exercise intensity during wheelchair rugby training. J Sports Sci , 2010; 28(4): 389–398 Berzen J, Hutzler YS. Evaluating performance progression in beginner wheelchair rugby. EUJAPA , 2012; 5

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