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The effect of medium composition on the production of sophorolipids and the tensiometric properties by Starmerella bombicola MTCC 1910

References Rosenberg, E. & Ron E. Z. (1999). High molecular mass microbial surfactants. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 52, 154-162. DOI 10.1007/s002530051502. Mulligan, C. N. (2005). Environmental applications for Biosurfactants, Environ. Pollut. 133, 183-198. DOI 10.1016/ j.envpol.2004.06.009. Inoue, S. & Ito S. (1982) Sophorolipids form Torulopsis bombicola: Possible relation to alkane uptake. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 43, 1278-1283. Asmer, H. J

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Biosurfactants’ Production from Renewable Natural Resources: Example of Innovativeand Smart Technology in Circular Bioeconomy

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Application of biosurfactants for heavy netals leaching from immobilized activated sludge / Zastosowanie biosurfaktantów do wymywania metali ciężkich z immobilizowanego osadu czynnego

). Microbial degradation of phenanthrene by addition of a sophorolipid mixture, Journal of Biotechnology, 83, pp. 189-198. [34] Schweitzer, J.A., Madritch, M.D., Bailey, J.K., LeRoy, C.J., Fischer, D.G., Rehill, B.J., Lindroth, R.J., Hagerman, A.E., Wooley, S.C. & Hart, S.C. (2008). From genes to ecosystems: the genetic basis of condensed tannins and their role in nutrient regulation in a Populus model system, Ecosystems, 11, pp. 1005-1020. [35] Tharayil, N., Suseela, V., Triebwasser, D.J., Preston, C.M., Gerard, P.D. & Dukes, J.S. (2011

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