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Modernity and Tradition in Shakespeare’s Asianization

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Shakespeare in Chinese Cinema

References Burt, Richard. “Alluding to Shakespeare in L'Appartement, The King is Alive, Wicker Park, A Time to Love, and University of Laughs: Digital Film, Asianization, and the Transnational Film Remake.” Shakespeare Yearbook 17: Shakespeare and Asia. Eds. Lingui Yang, Douglas Brooks. New York: Edwin Mellen, 2010. 49-86. Huang, Alexander. Chinese Shakespeare. New York: Columbia University Press, 2009. Jameson, Frederic. The Geopolitical Aesthetic: Cinema and Space in the World System. Bloomington

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet/Hamlet, Shakespeare 3.0, and Tugged Hamlet, The Comic Prince of The Polish Cabaret POTEM

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Shakespeare Comes to Indonesia

References Jassin, H. B., ed. Gema Tanah Air: Prosa dan Puisi 1942-1948. Jakarta: Balai Pustaka, 1959. Lindsay, Jennifer and Maya H. T. Liem, eds. Heirs to World Culture: Being Indonesian 1950-1965. Leiden: KITLV Press, 2012. Shakespeare, William, De Werken van William Shakespeare. Tr. L.A.J. Burgersdijk. Vols. 2 & 8. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1887, 1885. -. Hamlet, Pangeran Denmark. Tr. Trisno Sumardjo. Jajasan Pembangunan, 1950. -. Impian ditengah musi. Tr. Trisno Sumardjo

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Shakespeare across the Taiwan Strait: A Developmental Perspective

W orks C ited Chen, Fang. Shake-xiqu: Cross-cultural Adaptation and Interpretation . Taipei: Taiwan Normal University Press, 2012. Chen, Yilin. “A Study of Shakespeare’s Plays during the Japanese Colonization of Taiwan and Its Role in English Education (1895-1945).” Project Report of the National Science Committee of the Executive Council of Taiwan, 2010-2011. Chiu, Kun-liang. A Study on Taiwan Theatre during the Period of Japanese Occupation (1895-1945). Taipei: Culture Publishing Department of Independent Evening Newspaper, 1994

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The Yard and Korean Shakespeare

-hyeon. Korean Mask Play (in Korean). Seoul: Iljisa, 1979. Marlowe, Sam. The Times. 3 July 2006. Web. 14 April 2007. <>. Oswald, Peter. “Interview with Peter Oswald.” Globe Research Bulletin 15a: Interviews with the White Company, The 1999 season (1999): 3-8. Web. 20 Feb. 2007. <>. Seo, Yeon-ho. Sandae Talori (in Korean). Seoul: Yeolhwadang, 1987.

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Hamlet Underground: Revisiting Shakespeare and Dostoevsky

W orks C ited Catteau, Jacques. Dostoevsky and the Process of Literary Creation . Translated by Audrey Littlewood. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1989. Cooperman, Stanley. “Shakespeare’s Anti-Hero: Hamlet and the Underground Man.” Shakespeare Studies 1 (1965): 37-63. Denby, David. “Can Dostoevsky Still Kick You in the Gut?” The New Yorker 11 June 2012 (accessed 7 June 2018). < > Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Zapiski iz Podpol’ya (1864). Letchworth: Bradda Books

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Noh Creation of Shakespeare

References Arai, Yoshio. “Japanese Productions of Shakespeare,” The Bungaku 54, Iwanami, April 1986. “The Bard, Noh style,” “Cover Story: To be or not to be,” Telegram Tribune, San Luis Obispo, September 3, 1988. Blyth, R.H. Zen in English Literature, Hokuseido, 1943. Brandt G. & K. Munakata, “Some Notes on Noh Dancing,” Theatre Research International, Vol, VII No.1, Oxford, Winter 1981-82. The Bulletin of the International Society for Harmony and Combination of Cultures (after

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The Really Real, Authentic, Original Shakespeare

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The Reception of Galician Performances and (Re)translations of Shakespeare

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