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et les systemes d’information geographique a l’etude du fonctionnement hydrologique du bassin versant de l’Oued Sejnane [Thesis], FST, p. 130. Dufour P., 1984, La biomasse des lagunes cotieres. Exemple de la lagune Ebrie (Cote-d’Ivoire), Rev. Hydrobiol. Trop. 27: 207-233. Dzialowski A.R.S.H., Wang N.C., Lim W.W., Spotts, Huggins D.G., 2005, Nutrient Limitation of Phytoplankton Growth in Central Plains Reservoirs, USA, J.Plankton Res. 27: 587-595. George D.G., Hurley M.A., 2003, Using a continuous function for residence time to quantify the impact of climate change


Amaryllis belladonna L. is recorded for the first time as a naturalized non-native geophyte new to Tunisian and continental North African flora. Additional information on its current distribution and habitat, a brief morphological description, as well as some taxonomic notes, are provided.