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In their Insensitive Semantics (2005) Cappelen and Lepore argue for the Controversial Aspect (CA) which is a part of their Speech Act Pluralism and which says that speakers don’t have privileged access to what they say. Gross (2006) criticizes C&L’s argument for CA and urges them to abandon that claim. I argue that on C&L’s broad understanding of the notion of what is said, CA (and whole SAP) is trivial, whereas on a more restricted understanding CA is indeed controversial and plausibly false. Moreover, the broad reading of what is said is incompatible with one of C&L’s tests for context-sensitivity.

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Disputatio, Vol. VII, No. 40, May 2015 Book Reviews DOI: 10.2478/disp-2015-0005 BIBLID [0873-626X (2015) 40; pp. 85-112] What Is Said and What Is Not: The Semantics/Pragmatics Interface, edited by Carlo Penco and Filippo Domaneschi. Stan- ford: CSLI Publications, 2013, x + 344 pages. ISBN 978-1-57586- 667-3 The question of how to draw the distinction between semantics and pragmatics is central to the philosophy of language. As the title sug- gests, this volume seeks to approach the question via the intuitive and yet controversial notion of what is said in

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Controllability and Observability of Linear Discrete-Time Fractional-Order Systems

In this paper we extend some basic results on the controllability and observability of linear discrete-time fractional-order systems. For both of these fundamental structural properties we establish some new concepts inherent to fractional-order systems and we develop new analytical methods for checking these properties. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the theoretical results.

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