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. Assessing drought severity with the relative precipitation index (RPI) and the standardized precipitation index (SPI). Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 6 p. 29–49. Bak B., ŁAbedzki L. 2003. Modification of Standardized Precipitation Index SPI for drought monitoring in Poland. In: Meteorological services’ tasks in Nato operations, missions and exercises. 5th International Symposium on Military Meteorology. Poznah, 29.09-02.10.2003. War-szawa. Wat p. 15-22. Bonnacorso B., Boroli I., Canciellere A., Rossi G., Sutera A. 2003. Spatial variability of drought; an


The drought events frequent manifestation over the Republic of Moldova territory, in the context of climate change requires a scientific monitoring adjusted to international researchers. In recent years, internationally, the estimation of this phenomenon occurs through standardized indexes. The most used of these, being the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI). Since there is no a unified definition of drought, the World Meteorological Organization proposes to calculate the indexes, through developed calculation software. Thus, based on multi-annual data (1980-2014) a regional spatio-temporal estimation concerning drought in the Republic of Moldova was performed, thereby realizing the regional investigations framing in the international ones.

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ZMŚP w Koniczynce (Pojezierze Chełmińskie) w latach 1951-2010 [Meteorological droughts in the region of the station of Integrated Environmental Monitoring in Koniczynka (Chełmno Lakeland) in the years 1951-2010]. Woda-Środowisko- Obszary Wiejskie. T. 12. Z. 2(38) p. 19-28. BĄK B., ŁABĘDZKI L. 2002. Assessing drought severity with the relative precipitation index (RPI) and the standardized precipitation index (SPI). Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 6 p. 89-105. BĄK B., ŁABĘDZKI L. 2013. Przestrzenne zróżnicowanie suszy meteorologicznej i rolniczej w rejonie

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A N N A L E S U N I V E R S I T A T I S M A R I A E C U R I E - S K O D O W S K A L U B L I N – P O L O N I A VOL. X, 1 SECTIO L 2012 Katedra Muzykologii Uniwersytetu Kome skiego w Bratys awie MARTA HULKOVÁ Muzyczne kontakty mi dzy Spiszem a l skiem w XVI i XVII wieku* Music contacts between Spiš and Silesia in the 16th and 17th centuries Wieloletnie, nieprzerwanie prowadzone badania naukowe nad muzyczn przesz o ci S owacji XVI i XVII stulecia ods oni y w ostatnich latach nowe fakty historyczne, które dowodz istnienia o ywionych kontaktów mi dzy Spi

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