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The Search for Classified Information – The Real Fight in the Cold War


The effort to get classified information from inside the adverse camp was the main objective of both super powers involved in the Cold War. Both the USA and the USSR tried, by all means at their disposal, to be one step ahead of the opponent by knowing their capabilities and adverse plans. This paper approaches the manner in which intelligence-gathering specialized structures from both camps were involved in collecting data and intelligence to win the information battle during the Cold War

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Safety of Flying in the Air in Aspect of Using Electronic Warfare Device

References M. Masiewicz - Sprawozdania z pracy z lat 1999-2007r, w zespołach roboczych grupy uzbrojenia lotniczego NAFAG - ACG-3 oraz AHWG SIGINT/ESM - Reports on studies conducted between 1999 and 2007 by Combat Aircraft Armament Working Teams - NAFAG - ACG-3 and AHWG SIGINT/ESM

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