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://,artykuly,275746,1.html. “Газові війни” та заручники транзитового потенціалу [“The Gas Wars” and the Hostages of the Transit Potential], Зовнішні справи, 2009, nr 3. Газові переговори зривала „РосУкрЕнерго” - Бакай [The Gas Talks Obstructed „RosUkrEnergo” - Bakaj], Гнатюк М., Росія - Україна: неореалістський підхід, Зовнішні справи [Russia - Ukraine: Neo-Realistic Approach], 2008, nr 5. Гречанінов В., Севастопольський вакуум [The Sevastopol vacuum], Зовнішні справи, 2008, nr 7. Декларация О Государственном суверенитете Крыма [The

University Press. Bezhenka iz Slavayanska Vspominaet kak pri nej Kaznili Malenkogo Syna i Zhenu Opolchentsa. Video, Channel 1, available at: Checkinov, Sergey - Bogdanov Sergey (2010): Assymetrical Actions to Maintain Russia’s Military Security. Military Thought 1. Checkinov, Sergey - Bogdanov Sergey (2015): The Art of War in the Early 21st Century: Issues and Opinions. Military Thought 24. Daucé Francoise - Laruelle, Marlene - Le Huerou Anne - Rousselet Kathy (2015): Introduction: What Does it Mean to be a Patriot?, Europe-Asia Studies

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Central and Eastern European Review 63 CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN REVIEW Volume 12, 2018 RUSSIA AND EUROPE CULTURAL COMPONENTS OF A CRISIS by Mihhail Lotman Tallinn University, Estonia Translated from the Estonian by Ian Gwin. Abstract Taking recent events in Ukraine as central, the article examines Russian identity as a reaction against its own construction of Western identity. In the process the piece argues that Russia and the West have fundamentally different ideas of law. In the West, power is constrained by law, but in

The difference between conflict and peace relies heavily on determining an adversary’s intent, and failing to accurately perceive another’s motivation may result in catastrophic consequences. It is because of this rational fear of other states that nations tend to assume the worst in the actions of potential adversaries. This is particularly true in the reading of national security strategy (NSS) documents that tend to focus on the aggression of others while promoting a peaceful narrative of oneself. Western perceptions of Russian intent within the Near Abroad

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