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Shadow Memorial Diplomacy: The Ronald Reagan Centennial Year in Central and Eastern Europe

Introduction Despite the great volume of scholarship written about the 40th president of the United States, few scholars have concentrated exclusively on the memorialization of Ronald Reagan. Policy-focused studies have tended to evaluate Ronald Reagan’s legacy as president ( Schaller 2011 ; Heclo 2008 ). Other scholars have measured the rhetoric about Reagan as a symbol of U.S. conservative ideology and policy by comparing it with the president’s actual record in politics and policy ( Longley et al. 2007 ). Closer to the topic, a number of studies of Reagan

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The West’s Debt to Lithuania/ Lithuania’s Challenge to the West


The present strategic disarray of the western democracies is both a by-product of the West’s failure to grasp the moral-cultural dimension of the end-game of the Cold War and a reflection of the crisis of civilizational morale that has beset western Europe in recent decades. Thus it is important to revisit the distinctive character of the Revolution of 1989/1991 in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. That dramatic transition in European politics was born from many factors, including the re-armament of the West under the leadership of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. But the political Revolution of 1989/1991 was also the result of a revolution of conscience in central and eastern Europe, in which the reclamation of national identity and culture eventually gave rise to “soft power” tools of resistance that the hard power typically deployed by communist regimes in the face of dissent could not match. Lithuania, which embodied the oft-ignored truth that a tenacious national culture can, over time, produce democratic political change, is thus in a position to remind the West that freedom is never free; that the dignity of the human person, human rights, and the rule of law must be affirmed culturally by a robust civil society if they are to be defended politically and militarily; and that moral relativism is an insecure foundation on which to build, sustain, or defend the institutions of democratic self-governance.

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The Seizure of Crimea – A Game Changer for the Black Sea Region

Institute Press, 2013. US Department of Defense, 2014, 1. Opening Keynote ‘Defense Innovation Days’ as delivered by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Newport, Rhode Island, September 03, 2014, (accesed on 30.09.2014). US Department of Defense, 2014, 2. Secretary of Defense Speech. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA, Saturday, November 15,2014 (accesed on 17.11.2014).

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On some persuasive strategies in technical discourse: Cross-cultural analysis of directives in English and Czech technical manuals

. Cognitive and functional perspectives . John Benjamins, pp. 227-257. Quirk, R., Greenbaum, S., Leech, G. and Svartvik, J., 1985. A comprehensive grammar of the English language . London: Longman. Halmari, H., 2005. In search of “successful” political persuasion. A comparison of the styles of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. In: H. Halmari and T. Virtanen, eds. Persuasion across genres . Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 105-134. Halmari, H. and Virtanen, T. (eds), 2005. Persuasion across genres . Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

meant taking family vacations away from home, and that in turn required the building of highways, service stations, motels and tourist destinations. Home ownership was made possible by tax breaks, a variety of subsidies and cheap mortgages. By 1960, 62% of Americans owned a home, by comparison with 44% in 1940. 7 The Financialisation of Capitalism The reduction in personal and corporation taxes as part of the neoliberal strategy that came into force with the elections of Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom has only

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Schlüsselfiguren: Raum als Gegenstand und Ressource des Wandels

für die Literatur zu „Agenten des Wandels“ oder change agents etwa in den Organisationswissenschaften, der Diffusions- und Innovationsforschung oder den interdisziplinären Forschungen zum transition management . So stellen Burger und Weinmann (2012 : 15) bezogen auf Wandlungsprozesse fest, dass diese durch Einzelpersonen herbeigeführt würden, die bestehende Paradigmen hinterfragen. Dies gelte auf globaler Ebene, wenn etwa Ronald Reagan oder Margret Thatcher entscheidend für die praktische Umsetzung neoliberaler Ideen gewesen seien, aber auch auf lokaler Ebene

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The Curious Incident of Trump and the Courts: Interbranch Deference in an Age of Populism

important, historic GOP positions he has shown a readiness to deviate from party orthodoxy. For these and other reasons, some scholars have suggested Trump might be better seen as what Skowronek calls a “disjunctive” president—a Chief Executive with little allegiance to the prevailing governing coalition, but a figure who tries, nevertheless, to hold it in place in the face of building political strains. Skowronek, supra note 51, at 39. But even this description, which holds that Trump is more like Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan, fits the President inadequately

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Living memorial and frozen monuments: the role of social practice in memorial sites

the end of WW2 stands between the statue of Ronald Reagan and the US Embassy ( Fig 1 ). Memories of mass-protests in support of different political ideas and powers juxtapose various narratives of freedom and notions of liberty. Figure 1 Overview of Liberty square (Szabadság tér), Budapest Source: Eross 2016: 238 The latest monument was installed in the southern part of the square in 2014. The government decree about the erection of the monument dedicated to the victims of the German Occupation of Hungary during the WW2 was issued on 31st

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Politics and Constitutional Law: A Distinction without a Difference?

, abortion and the death penalty, although he was usually with the conservative Justices on other issues. If President Trump succeeded in appointing Kennedy’s replacement, then there would be a solid five-Justice conservative majority on the Court, thus finally fulfilling the aim of conservatives going back to the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Trump faced a Senate with a narrow Republican majority, but the upcoming mid-term elections of November 2018 could change that. So whereas he had delayed filling the Scalia vacancy for almost a year, McConnell now rushed through

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A Legacy Diminished: President Obama and the Courts

-Two-Year Court of Appeals (CA) and District Confirmations. Eight Years Final Two Years Percent of Total Reagan CA 83 17 20% District 290 66 23% Clinton CA 66 16 24% District 305 57 19% Bush 2 CA 60 10 17% District 261 58 22% Obama CA 55 2 4% District 268 18 7% Source: Brookings Institute, 4 June 2018 Ronald Reagan appointed 20% of his Court of Appeals judges in his final two years, and 23% of his District Court judges. For Bill Clinton, it was 24

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