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“The case”of the philosopher Vasile Băncilă – writings from youth.


Vasile Băncilă is a thinker to be placed where he fits in the hierarchy of values of Romanian philosophers. Therefore, this text invokes some “start-up frames”, through which we offer a range of accents of the reception of the intellectual and philosophical dowry left by the author. Vasile Băncilă left posterity printed texts, but also thousands of sheets written over four decades of life, unfinished and not ready to be printed. Some of them are from his youth; on some of these focuses this text, namely on what meant for the young philosophy professor Vasile Băncilă the act or the process of philosophizing.

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The Actuality of Some Principles and Ideas of Law Philosophy Issued by Mircea Djuvara

. Djuvara‖, in „Istoria logicii româneşti‖, coord. A. Surdu and Dragoş Popescu, Bucharest: Editura Tehnică, 2006, pp. 700- 706. 16. Speranţia, Eugeniu, ―Introducere în Filosofia Dreptului‖, Sibiu, 1944. [1] See N. Bagdasar, „Filosofia dreptului‖ (Philosophy of the Law), in „Istoria filosofiei‖ (History of the Philosophy), vol. V, „Filosofia românească de la origini până în prezent‖ (Romanian Philosophy from the Origins to Our Days), by N. Bagdasar, T. Herseni, and S.S. Bârsănescu, Bucharest: The Romanian Society of Philosophy, 1941, p.289

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