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The Sedimentation Processes in Włocławek Reservoir

REFERENCES Ankiersztajn I., 2002. Budowa stopnia wodnego w Nieszawie-Ciechocinku. Koncepcja programowo-przestrzenna, część I [Construction of the Barrage in Nieszawa-Ciechocinek. A Programme and Spatial Perspective, Part I; in Polish], The Barrage in Włocławek. Status Quo and Effects of Operation, Vol. II, Hydroprojekt Warszawa sp. z o. o., Warszawa. Babiński Z., Grześ M., 1995, Monografia hydrologiczna zbiornika stopnia wodnego Włocławek [Hydrological Monography of the Włocławek Barrage Reservoir; in Polish], Prace Geografìczne No. 30, IGiPZ PAN

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The methods of evaluating storage volume for single-chamber reservoir in urban catchments

, 3, pp. 75–86. Basha, H.A. (1995). Routing equations for detention reservoirs, Journal Hydraulic Engineering , 121, 12, pp. 885–888. Burszta-Adamiak, E. (2012). Analysis of stormwater retention on green roofs, Archives of Environmental Protection , 38, 4, pp. 75–86, pp. 3–13. Burton, K.R. (1980). Stormwater detention basin sizing, Journal Hydraulics Division , 106, 3, pp. 437–439. Chow, V.T., Maidment, D.R. & Mays, L.W. (1988). Applied hydrology, McGraw-Hill, Singapore 1988. Dayarante, S.T. & Perera, B.J.C. (2004). Calibration of

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The comparison study for the models of reservoir release rule for irrigation. Case study: Sutami Reservoir

REFERENCES A mirkhani M., B orzog -H addad O., F allah -M eh - dipour E., L oaiciga H.A. 2016. Multiobjective reservoir operation for water quality optimization. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. Vol. 142. Iss. 12 [04016065] p. 1–7. E labs S., E l -G handour H.A. 2014. Multiobjective optimization of Bigge Reservoir operation in dry seasons. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Vol. 19. Iss. 9 [05014008] p. 1–7. E nglish M.J., S olomon K.H., H offman G.J. 2002. A paradigm shift in irrigation management. Journal of Irrigation

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Changes to the Bakomi Reservoir

References Awulachew, S. B. 2006. Investigation of physical and bathymetric characteristics of Lakes Abaya and Chamo, Ethiopia, and their management implications. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, vol. 11, 2006, no. 3, p. 133–140. Boddy, N. N. – Ganske, L. 2005, Bathymetric Changes within Lake Zumbro of Olmsted County, Hydrologic Study of Produced by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, p. 1–21. Ceylan, A. – Karabork, H. – Ekozoglu, I. 2011. An analysis of bathymetric changes in altinapa reservoir. In: Carpathian Journal of Earth and

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Tourism Management in the Vicinity of the Selected Retention Reservoirs in Poland

REFERENCES Bartnik M., Bogaczyk A., 2005, W gminie Czarna [In the Municipality of Czarna; in Polish], ROKSANA, Krosno. Jackowski A., 1984, Wpływ zbiorników retencyjnych na strukturę społeczno-gospodarczą ich otoczenia [The Impact of Retention Reservoirs on the Social-Economic Structure of their Environment; in Polish], Czasopismo Geograficzne , LV, 3. Kowalczyk A., 2001, Geografia turyzmu [Geography of Tourism; in Polish], Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Łukacz I. et al. , 2007, Gmina Solina [The Municipality of Solina; in

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Performance analysis of a reservoir in arid region Case study: Babar reservoir, Aurès region, Algeria

management. CRC Press.ISBN 9781439813102 pp. 682. L ee J.-H., L abadie J.W. 2007. Stochastic optimization of multireservoir systems via reinforcement learning [online]. Water Resources Research. Vol. 43. Iss. 11. [Access 10.12.2017]. Available at: L in N.M., R utten M. 2016. Optimal operation of a network of multi-purpose reservoir: A review. Procedia Engineering. Vol. 154 p. 1376–1384. L oucks D.P. 1997. Quantifying trends in system sustainability. Hydrological Sciences Journal

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Design of a detention reservoir

References Atlas of the countries of the Slovak Republic (Atlas krajín Slovenskej republiky, MŽP Bratislava), Ministry of the Environment, Bratislava, Slovakia (2002). Hulla, J., Turček, P.: Foundation engineering (Zakladanie stavieb), JAGA group, s. r. o., Bratislava, Slovakia (2004). Kamenský, J.: Hydraulic design of detention reservoir outlet structures. Final report. (Hydraulický návrh výtokových objektov z poldrov. Záverečná správa), Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Faculty

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Nitrogen and phosphorus in cascade multi-system tropical reservoirs: water and sediment

References Almeida G.A., Weber R.R., 2005, Fármacos na represa Billings (Pharmaceuticals in the Billings Reservoir), Rev. Saúde Amb. 6(2): 7–13 (in Portuguese). [ANA-DAEE] Agência Nacional de Águas. Departamento de Águas e Energia Elétrica (National Water Agency. Department of Water and Electrical Energy), 2013, Dados de referência acerca da outorga do Sistema Cantareira (Reference data for the Cantareira System). Retrieved from: . (Accessed on 29 September 2014). Andersen J.M., 1976, An ignition

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Reservoir’s Impact on the Water Chemistry of the Teesta River Mountain Course (Darjeeling Himalaya)

J, Jiang Y, et al. Impacts of river impoundment on the riverine water chemistry composition and their response to chemical weathering rate. Frontiers Earth Sci. 2013;7:351-360. DOI: 10.1007/s11707-013-0366-y. [7] Soja R, Wiejaczka Ł. The impact of a reservoir on the physicochemical properties of water in a mountain river. Water Environ J. 2014;28:473-482. DOI: 10.1111/wej.12059. [8] Wiejaczka Ł. Reservoir triggered distortion in the relation between water conductivity and river temperature. Water Resour. 2015;42:362-370. DOI: 10.1134/S0097807815030070

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The variability of phosphorus fractions in sediments of a shallow, restored Antoninek Reservoir (Poznań, Poland)

References Dondajewska R., 2008a, Seasonal and spatial changes in phosphorus and organic matter content in bottom sediments of a shallow reservoir, Limnol. Rev. 8(4): 159-164. Dondajewska R., 2008b, Funkcjonowanie ekosystemu płytkiego nizinnego zbiornika zaporowego na przykładzie Stawu Antoninek (The functioning of ecosystem of a shallow, preliminary reservoir on the example of Antoninek Reservoir), UAM, The Faculty of Biology, Poznań, p. 256 (dissertation, in Polish). Dondajewska R

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