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1 Introduction Research Impact (RI) is a broad topic of scientometrics to support the progress of science and monitoring the influence of efforts made by the government, institutions, societies, programs, and individual researchers. There are several documented and popular RI assessment methods developed by individuals and organisations for evaluating the research of a particular programme or general-purpose. This intent has created the diversity in evaluation methods, frameworks and scope. Some approaches focus only on the impacts related to academic recognition

scale research university with a mission for cutting edge basic research in internationally competitive areas, fulfils its mission. These ranking systems fail to pinpoint the university’s strengths and weaknesses, and hence are useless for development planning. Hence, a new, individualized, and differentiating assessment method is needed, with special emphasis on research impact and competitiveness. The past decades witnessed a worldwide growth of research activities and an increasing demand for return on research investment. Considerable effort has been devoted to

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institution. Moreover, open access also increases the research impact of the individual author [ 1 ]. Physicists have a long tradition with open access; the arXiv ( ) was started in 1991 as a repository for preprints in physics and was later expanded to include other fields [ 2 ]. The choice of not having any publication fee has been possible only because of the willingness of many people to take this on as voluntary work. We will aim at keeping things this way as long as possible, but realize that we may need some economy when the number of submissions

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