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Beautiful Scars: Jewels in English Renaissance Drama

. Ford, John. Fames Memoriall . The Nondramatic Works of John Ford . Eds. L. E, Stock, Gilles D. Monsarrat, Judith M. Kennedy and Dennis Danielson. Binghampton: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1991. Ford, John. Love’s Sacrifice. Ed. A. T. Moore. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002. Ford, John. The Broken Heart. Ed. T. J. B. Spencer. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1980). Golz, David. “Diamonds, Maidens, Widow Dido, and Cock-a-diddle dow”. ComparativeDrama, 43.2 (summer 2008

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The Renaissance Midwife

References Dalarun, J. 1992. “The Clerical Gaze” in C. Klapisch-Zuber (ed.). A History of Womenin the West II. Silences of the Middle Ages . Cambridge, MA, London: Harvard University Press, pp.15-42. Ehrenreich, B. and D. English. 1973. Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History ofWomen Healers . New York: Feminist Press. Eisaman Maus, K. 1995. Inwardness and Theater in the Renaissance . Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Frugoni, C. 1992. “The Imagined Woman” in C. Klapisch-Zuber (ed

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The Influence of the Renaissance on Richard Hooker

: Williams B. Eerdmans. Bromiley, GW (1953) Zwingli and Bullinger (Library of Christian Classics). Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press. Brown, P (1967) Augustine of Hippo: A Biography. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press. Bullinger, H (1852) The Decades, volumes 1-10. Cambridge: The Parker Society. Bush, D (1939) The Renaissance and English Humanism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Calvin, J (1960) The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Philadelphia, PA

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Ideas on Moral and Civil Upbringing of Personality in Italian and Ukrainian Pedagogy During the Renaissance

References 1. Alberti, L. (1960). I libri della famiglia. Opert volgari [Thoughts on Family. The Collections of Works]. Volume 1. Laterza, 472 p. (in Italian). 2. Garin, E. (1971). Educazione umanistica in Italia [Humanistic Education on Italy], Bari, 120 p. (in Italian). 3. Kristeller, P. (1974). Humanismus und Renaissance [Humanism and Renaissance]. Munchen : Fink, 539 p. (in German). 4. Lytvynov, V. (2012). Ukraine: Seeking Its Identity. The 16th-Early 17th Centuries. Historical and

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The Fourfold Water Garden, a Renaissance Invention

References ADORNI (2000), “Villa Lante a Bagnaia: storia e interpretazioni”, in Monique Mosser and Georges Teyssot, History of garden design: the western tradition from the Renaissance to the present day, London: Th ames & Hudson. ALMAGRO GORBEA, Antonio (2007), “Una nueva interpretación del Patio de la Casa de la Contratación del Alcázar de Sevilla”, Al- -Qanṭara XXVIII 1, pp.181-228. ALMAGRO GORBEA, Antonio (2005), “El Palacio de Pedro I en Tordesillas: realidad e hipótesis”, Reales Sitios, no 163, pp. 2

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Educational Thought of Ukraine and Poland Within Renaissance Culture: from the History of Intellectual Discourse of Xvi-xvii Centuries

References 1. Домбровський, І. (1995). Дніпрові камені. Українські гуманісти епохи Відродження. Антологія [Dnipro Stones. Ukrainian humanist of Renaissance. Anthology]. K. : Наукова думка; Основи, Part 2, p. 200–221 (in Ukrainian). 2. Кленович, С. (1984). Роксоланія. Антологія української поезії [Roksolania. Anthology of Ukrainian poetry]. V. 1. K. : Дніпро, p. 62–77 (in Ukrainian). 3. Литвинов, В. (2000). Ренесансний гуманізм в Україні [Renaissance humanism in Ukraine]. K : Основи, p. 468 (in Ukrainian). 4. Литвинов, В. (2005). Католицька Русь

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“Speaking Pictures”: Ways of Seeing and Reading in English Renaissance Culture

Abrams, M. H. 1953. The mirror and the lamp: Romantic theory and critical tradition . New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Auerbach, Erich. 1953. Mimesis: The representation of reality in Western literature . Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Bath, Michael. 1994. Speaking pictures: English emblem books and Renaissance culture . London: Longman. Bath, Michael. 2003. Renaissance decorative painting in Scotland . Edinburgh: National Museums of Scotland. Bath, Michael & Malcolm Jones. 1996. Emblems from Thomas Combe in wall paintings

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Organization and Regulation of Fencing in the Realm of France in the Renaissance


During the nineteenth century, many sources were published about the regulation of fencing in Renaissance France. Comparing those sources shows significant though incomplete uniformity in the formalities observed in the training of students of fencing, particularly in the process followed by the neophyte in his passage to mastery of the art of defence.

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A comparative analysis of literary depictions of social violence in two important 16th Century autobiographies, from the perspective of the fencing manuals of the Renaissance.

). Nicoletto Giganti, The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608): A Rapier Fencing Treatise, translated by P. Terminiello and J. Pendragon (London: Fox Spirit, 2013). Senese, translated by Piermarco Terminiello, unpublished work. VIII.2. Secondary literature Anglo, Sydney, Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). Baker, Nicholas Scott, Writing the Wrongs of the past: Vengeance, Humanism, and the Assassination of Alessandro de’ Medici’ The Sixteenth Century Journal , 38/2 (2007). Dollinger, Philippe

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C.S. Lewis as Medievalist

Companion and Guide. London: HarperCollins, 2005 Hough, Graham. “Old Western Man”, reprinted in Watson 235-45 Leith, Sam.“C.S. Lewis’s Literary Legacy”. The Guardian, 19 November 2013 Lewis, C.S. The Discarded Image: an Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1964. --- . An Experiment in Criticism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1961 ---. Studies in Words. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1960 (2nd revised ed, 1967

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