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Procrastination as a Form of Misregulation in the Context of Affect and Self-Regulation

. 199-225. 4. Tice, D. M., Bratslavsky, E. Giving in to Feel Good: The Place of Emotion Regulation in the Context of General Self-Control. Psychological Inquiry, 11(3), 2000, pp. 149-159. 5. Pychyl, T.A., Lee, J. M., Thibodeau, R., Blunt, A. Five Days of Emotion: An Experience Sampling Study of Undergraduate Student Procrastination. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 15 (5), 2012, pp. 239-254. 6. Ozer, B. U., O’Callaghan, J., Bokszczanin, A., Ederer, E., Essau, C. Dynamic Interplay of depression, perfectionism

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Mechanisms involved in the regulation of neuropeptide-mediated neurite outgrowth: a minireview

-opioid receptor activation leads to neurite outgrowth and neuronal differentiation via a STAT5B-Gαi/o pathway. J Neurochem 127, 329-341, 2013. Gomez TM, Spitzer NC. In vivo regulation of axon extension and pathfinding by growth-cone calcium transients. Nature 397, 350-355, 1999. Gong N, Jonsson E, Bjornsson BT. Acute anorexigenic action of leptin in rainbow trout is mediated by the hypothalamic Pi3k pathway. J Mol Endocrinol pii: JME-15-0279, 2015. Govek EE, Newey SE, Van Aelst L. Th e role of the Rho GTPases in neuronal

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Hypoxic regulation of the expression of genes encoded estrogen related proteins in U87 glioma cells: eff ect of IRE1 inhibition

Cancer 13, 597, 2013. Aziz MH, Chen X, Zhang Q, DeFrain C, Osland J, Luo Y, Shi X, Yuan R. Suppressing NRIP1 inhibits growth of breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Oncotarget 6, 39714-39724, 2015. Bell JL, Malyukova A, Kavallaris M, Marshall GM, Cheung BB. TRIM16 inhibits neuroblastoma cell proliferation through cell cycle regulation and dynamic nuclear localization. Cell Cycle 12, 889-898, 2013. Bochkov VN, Philippova M, Oskolkova O, Kadl A, Furnkranz A, Karabeg E, Breuss J, Minchenko OH, Mechtcheriakova D

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Enterprise Management and Regulation of Economic Activity: The Case of Insurance

References Avgouleas E. - Financial regulation, behavioural finance and the global credit crisis: in serch of a new regulatory model. Draft, SSRN, 03.09.2008. Baltensperger E., Buomberger P., Iuppa A. A., Keller B., Wicki A. - Regulation and intervention in the insurance industry - fundamental issues. The Geneva Association, The Geneva Reports, Risk and Insurance Research, No. 1, February 2008. Cihak M., Podpiera R. - Is one dog better than three? International experience with

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Inhibition of IRE1 signaling affects the expression of genes encoded glucocorticoid receptor and some related factors and their hypoxic regulation in U87 glioma cells

. Downregulation of steroid receptor coactivator-2 modulates estrogen-responsive genes and stimulates proliferation of mcf-7 breast cancer cells. PLoS ONE 8, E70096, 2013. Han J, Back SH, Hur J, Lin YH, Gildersleeve R, Shan J, Yuan CL, Krokowski D, Wang S, Hatzoglou M, Kilberg MS, Sartor MA, Kaufman RJ. ER-stress-induced transcriptional regulation increases protein synthesis leading to cell death. Nat Cell Biol 15, 481-490, 2013. Han J, Kaufman RJ. Measurement of the unfolded protein response to investigate its role in adipogenesis and obesity

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Biogas: Opportunities to Improve Safety and Safety Regulation

-3-943356-12-0. Observ’ER. (2011). The State of Renewable Energies in Europe . Paris, France, 2011. 127 p. 11th EurObserv’ER Report. Resolution 2009/C 66 E/05. Sustainable agriculture and biogas: review of EU legislation. European Parliament resolution of 12 March 2008 on sustainable agriculture and biogas: a need for review of EU legislation (2007/2107(INI)). SALVI, Olivier, DELSINNE, Samuel, EVANNO, Sébastien (2011). Biogas - A European Perspective on Safety and Regulation. Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response . 2011, Vol.1, No. 1, pp. 1

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Nutritional Factors in Central Metabolic Regulation

References Acosta-Martinez, M., Levine, J.E. (2007). Regulation of Katp channel sub- unit gene expression by hyperglycemia in the mediobasal hypothalamus of female rats. Amer. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab., 292, E1801-E1807. Benoit, S.C., Kemp, C.J., Elias, C.F., Abplanalp, W., Herman, J.P., Migrenne, S., Lefevre, A., Cruciani-Guglielmacci, C., Magnan, C., Yu, F., Niswensder, K., Irani, B.G., Holland, W.L., Clegg, D.J. (2009). Palmitic acid mediates hypothalamic insulin resistance by altering PKC-theta subcellular

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Natural Monopoly in Russia: State Regulation Problems

References Belousova, N. I. (2016). Issues of the theory of State’s regulation and identification of natural monopoly. In N. I. Belousova, E. M. Vasilyeva. M.: KomKniga, 2016. 320 p. (In Russian). Gorodetsky, A., & Pavlenko, Yu. (2013). Reforming Natural Monopoly. Issues of Economics, 1, 137-138. (In Russian). Joint Stock Company (2017). Gazprom’s net profit decreased 11.2 times. Retrieved from Krichevsky, N. (2016

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Novel Foods: Regulation, Health and Safety Considerations

. <> logue_en.htm Food Standards Agency. Novel foods. <> Regulation EC 258/97: Concerning novel foods and food ingredients. OJ EU, L 43, 14.2.1997, 1. <> 7R0258:20090807:en:PDF Recommendation EC 97/618: Concerning the scientific aspects and the pre­sentation of information necessary to support applications for the

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An Artist Without Wings? Regulation of Emotions Through Aesthetic Experiences

, Creativity, and the Arts, 7 (2), 191-196. Gross, J. (1999). Emotion Regulation: Past, Present, Future. Cognition and Emotion, 13 ( 5), 551-573. Hess, J. P. (2010). The psychology of scary movies. Filmmaker IQ. Located at: Klorer, G. P. (2005). Expressive therapy with severely maltreated children: Neuroscience contributions. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 22 (4), 213-220 Kopp, C. (1989). Regulation of Distress and Negative Emotions: A Development View

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