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An analysis and comparison of two German thrust-fencing manuscripts

and Esoteric Arts (Highland Village: Chivalry Bookshelf, 2006) Leoni, Tomasso, Art of dueling: Salvator Fabris’ rapier fencing treatise of 1606 (Highland Village: Chivalry Bookshelf, 2005) Petermann, Kurt, Pasch, Beschreibung wahrer Tanz-Kunst. Mit einem Nachwort und einem Register von Kurt Petermann (Leipzig: Zentralantiquariat, 1978) Sørensen, Claus, “A Look Behind the Scenes: Danish Renaissance Martial Arts during the Reign of Christian IV”, Acta Periodica Duellatorum 4 (2016), 2, 31-45 Zdrenka

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This tickles beyond all measure: an expanded version of Henning’s Hieb-Fechten in Add MS 17533

: Library of the Catholic University of Leuven, R4A668. Pascha, Johann George, Vollständiges Fecht-Ring- und VoltigierBuch Leiptzig, 1673). VIII.2. Secondary literature Castle, Egerton, Schools and masters of fence (London: George Bell, 1885). Van Noort, Reinier and Jan Schäfer, “An analysis and comparison of two German thrust-fencing manuscripts”, Acta Periodica Duellatorum 5 (2017), 63-74. Van Noort Reinier and Jan Schäfer, Proper description of thrust-fencing with the single rapier (Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing, 2018).

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Geometrical Modeling of Woven Fabrics Weavability-Limit New Relationships


The weavability limit and tightness for 2D and 3D woven fabrics is an important factor and depends on many geometric parameters. Based on a comprehensive review of the literature on textile fabric construction and property, and related research on fabric geometry, a study of the weavability limit and tightness relationships of 2D and 3D woven fabrics was undertaken. Experiments were conducted on a representative number of polyester and cotton woven fabrics which have been woven in our workshop, using three machines endowed with different insertion systems (rapier, projectiles and air jet). Afterwards, these woven fabrics have been analyzed in the laboratory to determine their physical and mechanical characteristics using air permeability-meter and KES-F KAWABATA Evaluation System for Fabrics. In this study, the current Booten’s weavability limit and tightness relationships based on Ashenhurst’s, Peirce’s, Love’s, Russell’s, Galuszynskl’s theory and maximum-weavability is reviewed and modified as new relationships to expand their use to general cases (2D and 3D woven fabrics, all fiber materiel, all yarns etc…). The theoretical relationships were examined and found to agree with experimental results. It was concluded that the weavability limit and tightness relationships are useful tools for weavers in predicting whether a proposed fabric construction was weavable and also in predicting and explaining their physical and mechanical properties.

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A Look Behind the Scenes: Danish Renaissance Martial Arts during the Reign of Christian IV

V. BIBLIOGRAPHY V.1. Primary source Anonymous, [Fight Book], 1657 [Wolfenbüttel, Herzog-August Library, Cod. Guelf. 264.23 Extrav]. Forordninger, Recesser og andre kongelige Breve, Danmarks Lovgivning vedkommende, 1558-1660 [ed. Secher, V. A, Copenhagen: C.A Reitzel, 1887]. G. A., Den Ridderlige og Adelige Fecht-Konstis grundelige oc Methodiske Beskriffuelse, som udi dette Exertio sig forlyste oc versere, som ved en Gienvey, til Eenfache Rapiers Kundskab baade udi Stød oc Hug at giøre imod den Keigthaandet Saavel som imod den Ræthaandet

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A comparative analysis of literary depictions of social violence in two important 16th Century autobiographies, from the perspective of the fencing manuals of the Renaissance.

). Nicoletto Giganti, The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608): A Rapier Fencing Treatise, translated by P. Terminiello and J. Pendragon (London: Fox Spirit, 2013). Senese, translated by Piermarco Terminiello, unpublished work. VIII.2. Secondary literature Anglo, Sydney, Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). Baker, Nicholas Scott, Writing the Wrongs of the past: Vengeance, Humanism, and the Assassination of Alessandro de’ Medici’ The Sixteenth Century Journal , 38/2 (2007). Dollinger, Philippe

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Development of User-friendly Tool for Energy Behavioral Change of Consumers

] Chiras D. The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy: Achieving Energy Independence Through Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Hydropower, Gabriola Island: New Society Publishers, 2011. [15] Boyle G. Renewable Electricity and the Grid, London, 2007. [16] Rapier R. Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil, Apress, 2012. [17] Saglam S., Oral B., Gorgulu S., Comparaison of regional photovoltaic energy production: Marmara region, Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering, 2014, 111-116. [18] Bouallegue A., Power conscience solution for user’s energy

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Historical European Martial Art a crossroad between academic research, martial heritage re-creation and martial sport practices

. 87 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2014). Bruhn-Hofmeyer, Ada, ‘From Medieval Sword to Renaissance Rapier’, Gladius, 2 (1963), 5–68. Burkart, Eric, Die Aufzeichnung des Nicht-Sagbaren. Annäherung an die kommunikative Funktion der Bilder in den Fechtbüchern des Hans Talhofer’, Das Mittelalter, 19 (2014), 253–301. Burkart, Eric, The Autograph of an Erudite Martial Artist: A Close Reading of Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Hs. 3227a’, in The Late Medieval and early Modern Fightbooks, ed. by Daniel Jaquet, Timothy Dawson, Karin Verelst (Leyden

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The Comfort Properties of Two Differential-Shrinkage Polyester Warp Knitted Fabrics

of the Textile Institute, Vol.98 (3), 261-267. [21] Grabowska K. E., Ciesielska-Wróbel I. (2014) Basic Comparison of the Properties of the Loop and Frotte Yarns, Woven and Knitted Fabrics. Autex Research Journal, Vol.14(3), 135–144. [22] Ishtiaque, S.M., Das, A., Kundu, A.K.(2014) Ring frame process parameters and fabric comfort. Part I – low-stress mechanical properties of fabrics. Journal of the Textile Institute Vol.105 (3), 348-355. [23] Kim, H. A., Kim, S. J. (2013) Mechanical properties of worsted fabrics for emotional garment to the rapier

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