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PB 52 Open Access Dorothy Kim Abstract This article evaluates Jewish-Christian difference in the constantly shifting terrain of thirteenth-century medieval England. It reframes this difference in relation to theories of embodiment, feminist materialism, and entanglement theory. To conceptualize how Jews can be marked by race vis-à-vis the body, the article uses the example of Christian Hebraists discussing the Hebrew alphabet and its place in thirteenth-century English bilingual manuscripts. Keywords entanglement theory, feminist materialism, medieval race

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Firefighters have a demanding and difficult mission both physical and mental so their training must be rigorous and well prepared, therefore they should have good physical resistance, strength, speed, and coordination. Our study focuses on the 4 x 100 m race with obstacles and how should firefighters physically prepare for the race. We had two different samples that form the first and second team of ISU Sibiu in the competition of firefighters of 4 x 100 m race with obstacles, formed by 10 males with age of 30 ± 3.5 years old with experience in this kind of competitions between 2 and 7 years. We presented our training program and the effects on the results of our athletes and also analyze the efficiency of developing motor qualities such as strength, speed, resistance and coordination. The results show relatively good improvements in the performance time in any of the fourth exchanges and also in the motor qualities level. Conclusions of our research present the efficiency of training athletic skills and also the motor qualities in obtaining better results at the 4 x 100 m race with obstacles.