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The Integrated Real Estate Information System - The Impact Of The Regulation On The Quality And Credibility Of The Rrepv), Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy (Property Valuer), Vol. 74, Pp. 4-11. Karabin M., 2002, Charakterystyka System Katastralnego W Niemczech (Characteristics Of The Cadastral System In Germany). Przegląd Geodezyjny, Vol. 74, No. 12, Pp. 18-22. Karabin M., 2003, System Katastralnego We Francji (Cadastral System In France). Przegląd Geodezyjny (Geodesy Review), Vol. 75, No. 4, Pp. 17-23. Klocek M., Kowalska M., 2001, Doświadczenia Związane Z Opracowaniem I

Credibility of the RREPV) , Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy, Vol. 74, pp. 4-11. I zdebski W., 2016, Dobre praktyki udziału gmin i powiatów w tworzeniu infrastruktury danych przestrzennych w Polsce (Good Practices of the Participation of Communes and Poviats in the Creation of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Poland), Geo-System Sp. z o.o., Warszawa. I zdebski W., M alinowski Z., 2016, Dobre praktyki wykorzystania danych przestrzennych w zarządzaniu gminą (Good Practices in the Use of Spatial Data in Municipal Management), Geo-System Sp. z o.o., Warszawa. K locek M., K owalska


This paper presents theoretical considerations regarding the needs and criteria of creating ownership divisions of real estate markets for the purpose of public surveys and research. The scope of necessary changes to the collection of information in public registers and institutional conditions is indicated, as a necessary aspect towards enabling separate studies for corporate real estate to be conducted. Study results comparing the basic parameters of the real estate market in the Silesian voivodeship (Silesia province) in 2004-2012, as per the Central Statistical Office (CSO) annual reports, are also presented, as are the results of an analysis of data collected from a database of appraisers and valuers. The market parameters adopted for comparison have in both cases been developed based on the same source data obtained from public documents of the Registers of Real Estate Prices and Values (RREPV). The article presents the detailed results of own research on the real estate market in the Silesian voivodeship for 2012, with regards to the amount of real estate, the transaction values, the area of properties, and selected averages with regards to property type in line with those used in CSO studies. Also included is an assessment of the completeness of the market data presented by the CSO, taking into account the selected types of real estate. This paper also indicates the results of a pilot survey study of office workers of the RREPV in poviat (district) council offices. The comparison of the regional real estate market forms a basis for the critical evaluation of the categories of real estate used in official statistics and selected forms of real estate turnover. Proposals regarding the needs and conditions that must be met in order to enable research on the corporate real estate market have also been formulated.