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the field of social and cultural anthropology and social theory to Romani Studies. More precisely, I will focus on the recent debates about the identity and ethnicity discourse and discuss their potential ethical and practical consequences. The main body of the study will be focused on tracing the processes of the deconstruction of the ethnic category Rom/a, its reconceptualization as a vacant label within the narrative of change and the consequent “positive” filling within the Pentecostal and Charismatic pastoral discourse in Slovakia as an example of a more


The aim of this article is to review the ideas presented by the Nordic scholars of the “Welfare State Model – Nordic Experiences and Perspectives in Lithuania” project and to discuss the applicability of these ideas to the Lithuanian context. During the program, held in Lithuania, in 2013–2014, Nordic scholars and their Lithuanian colleagues debated Nordic welfare model features such as active labour market policies, family policies, digital welfare innovations, the role of culture, and social trust. They also discussed contemporary challenges to Nordic success. The project intended to: promote the Nordic countries’ experiences of becoming welfare states, increase knowledge of the Nordic welfare model among Lithuanians, and initiate a debate on the potential for this model to function in Lithuania.

References 1. Toosi AE. Liver Fibrosis: Causes and Methods of Assessment, A Review. Rom J Intern Med. 2015;53(4):304-14.

REFERENCES 1. Toosi AE. Liver Fibrosis: Causes and Methods of Assessment, A Review . Rom J Intern Med. 2015; 53 (4):304-14.

The elbow joint is a hinge joint that allows single plane of movement: flexion and extension. Intra- and extra-articular disease such as elbow contracture and fracture can cause functional impairment of this joint. Range of motion (ROM) is an objective measurement of the elbow function and it is part of a scoring system [ 1 ]. Assessment of measurement methods for elbow ROM has been reported in the literature. Radiographic examination gives the most accurate result, but it is not the first choice in daily practice for evaluating elbow function due to the risk

References KALOGERAKI A, TAMIOLAKIS D, MAVRIGIANNAKI P, KARVELASKALOGERAKIS M, DATSERI G, AGELAKI S, PAPADOPOULOS S. Recurrent Cerebellar Desmoplastic/Nodular Medulloblastoma in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in the Elderly. A Cytologic Diagnosis. Rom J Intern Med. 2016; 54(2):137-9.