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Critical Appraisal of Published Qualitative Research Papers in the Field of Nursing Management by Iranian authors: A cross-sectional Study

Research. Radiol Technol 2016; 87(3). 355-8. 8. Rolfe G. Validity, trustworthiness and rigour: quality and the idea of qualitative research. J Adv Nurs 2006; 53(3):304-10. 9. Sandelowski M. A matter of taste: evaluating the quality of qualitative research. Nurs Inq 2015;22(2):86-94. 10. Cesario S, Morin K, Santa-Donato A. Evaluating the level of evidence of qualitative research. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 2002;31(6):708-14.

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Processes Stimulating Dynamic Cooperation in Female Art Groups. A Qualitative Research Report

REFERENCES Amabile, T. (1996). Creativity in the context. Update to the social psychology if creativity . Boulder: Westview Press. Chadwick, W. (2015). Kobiety, sztuka i społeczeństwo. [Women, Art, and Society]. Poznań: Dom Wydawniczy REBIS. Csikszentmihaly, M. (1996). Creativity. Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention . New York: Harper Collins. Flick, U. (2010). Projektowanie badania jakościowego. [Designing a qualitative research]. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Dziemidok, B. (2002). Główne kontrowersje

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A Qualitative Research Regarding the Online Advertising Formats Used by Romanian Companies


The present paper offers an in-depth view about the online advertising formats that are used by Romanian companies or digital advertising agencies. The qualitative research based on semi-structured detailed interviews with 12 professionals, took place in Bucharest, in February-March 2015. From the online advertising formats defined by IAB, the Romanian representatives mentioned to promote their organizations or to develop campaigns for their clients by using: search, display, social media, video advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsorship advertising format (advertorials and content sponsorship). The specialists argued about the most relevant and efficient online advertising format that they use. From their personal experience, the professionals were asked to mention which are the elements / attributes that have a significant impact on: search, display, video, social media and mobile advertising campaigns. All the respondents mentioned that their companies use remarketing campaigns. The budget of an online advertising campaign is settled differently among the formats used. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the views of professionals regarding the Romanian online advertising market and this study precedes a quantitative research among Romanian consumers exposed to online advertising campaigns in order to make a comparison between the results obtained in both studies and propose a model of online advertising campaign as close to consumers‟ wants.

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Internalization and Production of Metaphorical Expressions with EFL Students

Quinn 2002. Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods . Thousand Oaks, London, New Delhi: Sage Publications. Radić-Bojanić, Biljana. 2011a. “Imagery as a Metaphorical Vocabulary Learning Strategy” in Images in Language. Metaphors and Metamorphoses. Andras Benedek and Kristof Nyíri (Eds.). Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang, pp. 5-18. Radić-Bojanić, Biljana. 2011b. “Animal Metaphors in EFL Vocabulary Acquisition” in Proceedings of the First International Conference on English Studies English Language and Anglophone Literatures Today

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Crisis Management Procedures and Tools Based On Qualitative Research

). Zarządzanie sytuacją kryzysową, czyli jak chronić firmę przed najgorszym. Warszawa: Business Press. 4. Olędzki, J., Tworzydło, D. (2009). Leksykon public relations. Rzeszów: Wydawnictwo Newsline. 5. Report on qualitative research: Management in crises situations, carried out by the EXACTO sp. z o.o. research team headed by Dr. hab. Dariusz Tworzydło and Dr. Dominik Porczyński, Rzeszów 2016. 6. Seitel, F.P. (2003). Public relations. Warszawa: Felberg SJA. 7. Smektała, T. (2001). Public relations w sytuacjach

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Duo-ethnography as the Qualitative Inquiry in Small Family Business Research

Bibliography 1. Adams T.E., Holman Jones S. (2008), Autoethnography is queer , [in:] Denzin N.K., Lincoln Y.S, Smith L.T. (eds.), Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2. Crawford, L. (1996), Personal ethnography, Communication Monographs, Vol. 63, Iss. 2. 3. Denzin N.K. (1997), Interpretive ethnography: Ethnographic practices for the 21st century , London: Sage. 4. Denzin N.K., Lincoln Y.S. (2000), Introduction: The discipline and practice of qualitative research, [in:] Denzin N.K., Lincoln Y

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

mutual harmony, and to ensure the organisation’s competitiveness in the market. The paper is structured as to offer a literature review focused on performance management systems and the competence-based approach in performance management systems, defining the Z-MESOT method from theoretical and practical points of view, analysing the qualitative research finding in the performance management system, and defining the list of competences related to key performance indicators used in sample enterprises. 2 Literature review 2.1 Performance management system

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Through a Reader Looking Glass. Olivia Manning’s the Balkan Trilogy

Qualitative Research’ in The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research (4 th ed.), pp1-19, Thousand Oaks: SAGE Goșa, C., 2019: ‘Mirrored Anatomies of a Culture: Olivia Manning’s The Balkan Trilogy ’, in print in NASLEĐE. A Journal on Literature, Language, Art and Culture, ISSN 1820-1768COBISS.SR-ID 115085068 Kaplan, R.D., 1993: Balkan Ghosts. A Journey through History , New York, Picador Karolides, N. 2000: ‘The Transactional Theory of Literature’, in Karolides, N. (ed.) Reader Response in Secondary and College Classrooms ( 2 nd ) ed.), Mahwah, New

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Original article. Factors facilitating the emergence of domestic violence in Turkey

Teknik Basým Matbaacýlýk, 2009. [in Turkish] 7. Davis RE, Harsh KE. Confronting Barriers to Universal Screening for Domestic Violence. J Prof Nurs. 2001; 17:313-20. 8. World Health Organization. WHO Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence Against Women. Geneva: WHO Press; 2005. 9. Holloway I, Wheeler S. Qualitative Research for Nurses. USA: Blackwell Science Ltd, 1996. 10. Aktaþ AM. Aile Ýçi Þiddet: Kadýnýn ve Çocuðun Korunmasý. Türkiye: Elma Yayýnevi, 2006. [in Turkish

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Qualitative Task Analysis to Enhance Sports Characterization: A Surfing Case Study

, Gilbert W, Trudel P. A decade of qualitative research in sport psychology journals: 1990-1999. Sport Psychol, 2003; 17: 1-15 Davis WE, Burton AW. Ecological task analysis: translating movement behavior theory into practice. Adapt Phys Act Q, 1991; 8: 154-177 Denzin N, Lincoln Y. Handbook of qualitative research. London: Sage publications, Inc., 1-32; 2000 Everline C. Shortboard performance surfing: a qualitative assessment of maneuvers and a sample periodized strength and conditioning program in and out of the water

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